Fun Places to Visit in Kennesaw - Adams Park


Adams Park in Kennesaw is one of the funnest spots in our local community! It’s is a community center building that is family-friendly and offers a variety of activities for kids and adults. The park includes baseball fields, softball fields, soccer fields, tennis courts, batting cages, and a playground and picnic area to just hang out. During the winter, we don’t get to enjoy those summer time activities, but we have time to think about how to plan our activities for when the warm weather hits. Adams Park, like a lot of recreational centres in Kennesaw, offers a nice mix of active and passive recreational activities and it is one of the best places to go with your family. 

League sports provide a fun challenge for kids and the other recreation programs promote fitness, fun, and learning. These types of activities are essential for kids these days who are stuck to their computers day and night. The social aspect of sports leagues is something that has been carried on for generations of kids and it’s great to see the traditions continuing on. These events are fun for the adults too. Sometimes there are even concerts to attend and it is never expensive. Often the concerts are free of charge, depending on the size and who is playing. Did you know one of the Kennesaw recreation centres hosted a word-class skateboard competition? Skateboarding isn’t something for everyone, but it is definitely a sport worth watching and kids love it too. Tony Hawk wasn't here, but there were some great skateboard tricks.

Most cities have some sort of parks and recreation department, but  Kennesaw goes above and beyond. Our public parks and activities improve our quality of life and  visitors from other cities enjoy their stay here for this reason. It's great working and living in a city that values fun, laughter, teamwork, and social outings. If you asked the kids what they enjoy most about Kennesaw they would say the splash pad, the skate park, or the dog park. I think the adults enjoy whatever keeps the kids moving and entertained. We have a lot of great memories in Kennesaw and surprisingly so many of them happened in a place like Adams Park. Whether we played tennis or baseball or just hung out at the picnic tables for an hour, it was always a blast because we did those things together. It is totally true that the best things in life are free – or at least close enough to free. We're looking forward to the summer timer so we can spend even more time at Adams Park and the other relaxing recreational centres Kennesaw city has to offer us.