Here's Apple's 'Genius' Secret for Repairing iPhones

The “geniuses” at Apple stores have become a popular joke and conversation starter at the dinner table. A genius is an apple employee who works at the bar at the back of an Apple store. Customers can go to the bar to receive answers to their questions regarding any iPhones, iPods, iMacs, or any other Apple product. This is a "genius" way for Apple to create even better customer service. Not only to they provide you with a product you love, but through the genius bar they offer an invaluable service that all Apple customers inevitably need. Repair services are essential in the tech industry. So what goes on in the genius bar when a broken screen goes there? Magic!?

The Horizon Machine

Sorry, no wizards involved, just a machine. Apple announced it will now ships its iPhone repair device, called a “Horizon Machine”, to companies like Best Buy so they can do repairs in-house. This is big news in iPhone repair as Apple had kept the machine in a cloud of mystery until now. In fact, this is the first time Apple has publicly stated that it exists.  Well, all we know for sure is that it is not a whimsical machine designed by Dr. Seuss or Cat in The Hat that will magically replace an iPhone screen once you place the iPhone inside (although that would be the best invention ever). Maybe one day, but not today. This seemingly whimsical machine has a single purpose: it calibrates the new screen after it is installed by a real person. “Calibrating the screen” in this case seems to mean matching the display with the finger print identifying software and testing it for bugs at the same time.

The goal for this move by Apple is to decrease wait times at the genius bar. This is something I have personally experienced, back when I didn’t know any better. The memory of walking into stores around the mall for an hour while I wait for my appointment with a “genius” at the Apple store will haunt me forever. So the machine being expanded to more more shops is good news for customers.

But, the even better new is this machine is unnecessary if all you need is a basic screen replacement. No need to go to a genius bar or Best Buy - we can repair your iPhone screen for you at a better price! ->