Yes! We Repair iPhones in Kennesaw! 

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We are located at 3600 Cherokee St NW #104, Kennesaw, GA 30144 In the same shopping center as Kennesaw Billiards and Pizza Hut across from the Valero gas station.

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    #1 iPhone Repair in Kennesaw

    Come visit Computers R Us in Kennesaw if you are in need of a quick and efficient iPhone repair service. Included in our speedy repair services are button replacements, screen replacements, battery replacement, and water damage repair. Simply call ahead, fill out or form or stop by to get your iPhone or iPhone Plus repaired today.

    Here are the most common iPhone repair services we provide:

    Broken Screen

    At Computers R Us, we offer guaranteed screen replacement for any iPhone or iPhone Plus. Why use an iPhone with an ugly shattered screen when you can get it replaced in less than half an hour? Our  repair expert will give your iPhone that fresh out-of-the-Apple-package look. We fix hundreds of phones each month and screen replacement is among the most common repairs here at our shop. Don't waste any more time straining you eyes looking at that broken screen. You'll be seeing your emojis and snaps in HD clear vision again in no time.

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    Battery Replacement

    No battery life? No problem! Bring us your dying iPhone and we will revive it with a new battery at a competitive price. We know the pain of constantly having to charge your phone throughout the day, and it's no way to live! Fix your battery and you'll be full of energy along with your phone. Call ahead for quick service: 678-389-7518,  but if your phone died before you could call, you can pop by and visit us today! We are the best repair shop in the city with the most qualified and friendliest in-house team.

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    Home and Lock Button

    Home and lock buttons are the most frequently broken parts on an iPhone. This is great news for you because is we have a ton of experience fixing them, so we can repair them fast! A simple home and lock button replacement will have your iPhone looking back to normal in no time. Come into our home in Kennesaw to ask about our home and lock button replacement services for the iPhone or fill out the form on the side of the page for a free quote.

    Charge Port and Lightning Connector Repair

    A damaged iPhone or iPhone plus charge connector can happen to anybody. Don’t let it stop you from coming to us for a quick and easy repair. Whether's it's an old school iphone 4 or older port or a newer lighting connector, we have the tools for the job. Charge ports become damaged if the wrong charger is used or if you are too eager to charge your jaw-dropping new iPhone. You should always avoid forcefully shoving any charger into the charge port, but we all make mistakes, so don't fret :).  If you find yourself in the broken charger predicaments, feel free to drop by our repair store in kennesae or give us a call for a quick estimate. The solution to an iPhone  that won’t charge is only a phone call way!

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    Broken Audio Jack

    Audio jacks are a thing of the past in iPhone 7 and newer models, but for everyone with iPhone's 1 to 6, a busted audio jack is a common problem. It's incredibly annoying to not be able to hear your favourite songs or podcasts, but fortunately we can fix this issue quickly and cheaply to save the day!

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    Friendly Customer Service

    We are local family run and operated business that has been proudly open in Kennesaw for five years. We welcome you to enjoy our friendly space while you wait for your phone to be repaired - our shop is your home when you come to visit. 

    Our expertise in repairs and our friendly environment are why we have a 5-star average in Google with almost 500 reviews!

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    We hope you'll be our next happy customer!  If you have any questions that you would like answered immediately, please call us at 678-851-9926 or fill out our form on the side of the page. 

    See you soon 🙂 

      Fill out the form to get a repair quote ASAP! Call (678) 851-9926 for Immediate Assistance.
      BONUS: Get $5 off your repair for requesting your quote online!

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      No iPhone? 

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        Fill out the form to get a repair quote ASAP! Call (678) 851-9926 for Immediate Assistance.
        BONUS: Get $5 off your repair for requesting your quote online!