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We are located at 3600 Cherokee St NW #104, Kennesaw, GA 30144 In the same shopping center as Kennesaw Billiards and Pizza Hut across from the Valero gas station.

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iPhone Black Screen Repair Services

Come visit Computers R Us in Kennesaw if you want to have your iPhone repaired immediately. We can fix your phone at a fraction of the price of a new device.

Black Screen of Death Repair Service

So, your iPhone display isn’t coming on and all you can see is a blank, black screen. At Computers R Us we refer to this problem as the black screen of death. It can really ruin your day and could be caused by a variety of issues including water damage, dead battery, or a broken power jack that needs to be replaced. Regardless of how it happened, our team at Computers R Us Atlanta will be able to analyze the problem and come to an appropriate solution for your iPhone.

Can You Fix it Yourself?

If you are someone who likes to tackle their problems head on, we have three solutions you can try before calling a technician. First, hold the home button and the power button simultaneously until the Apple icon appears. This is called a manual reboot and will work if the black screen of death was caused by a glitch or software malfunction. If this doesn’t work, move onto option two: hold the power button for three seconds, and then hold the home button. 

Continue holding both buttons simultaneously again until the Apple icon appears. The third option is to press down on the back light of your device, which is located just under the camera on the back side. At this point we hope your screen has turned on and the problem is solved. If you didn’t have any luck with either of these options, it is time to visit our local Atlanta shop and have one of our highly trained technicians take a look for you.

Professional Services 

At Computers R Us Atlanta, we offer a range of professional repair services including:

  • iPhone screen replacement for replacing your cracked or shattered screen with a brand new one. The touch screen will work much faster if your screen is smooth and free of cracks.
  • iPhone home button replacement is the best option for customers who can’t access their home screen due to a broken button. This service takes under 30 minutes.
  • iPhone power jack repair allows you to charge your phone and keep it charged all day long. Don’t worry about running out of battery life again.
  • iPhone water damage repair is not magic, but is best performed by a professional technician. Water damage is no joke and can mean the end for your iPhone. Don’t let this happen, bring in your device as soon as possible.
  • iPhone battery replacement to replace that battery that didn’t last as long as you hoped it would. It is common for batteries to run out sooner than they should, especially considering our increased phone usage over the years.

Free Estimates

For any questions or concerns related to our iPhone repair services, give us a call at 678.389.7518. One of our friendly iPhone repair technicians will be happy to help. We offer free quotes to all of our customers to prove that we have the most affordable and competitive rates in Atlanta. Call us to find out for yourself!

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We hope you'll be our next happy customer!  If you have any questions that you would like answered immediately, please call us at 678-389-7518 or fill out our form on the side of the page. 

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Fill out the form to get a repair quote ASAP! Call (678) 851-9926 for Immediate Assistance.
BONUS: Get $5 off your repair for requesting your quote online!

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