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    Microsoft Office 365 Email Hosting and Software Help

    Computers R Us offers Microsoft Office 365 software for sale, as well as installation, support, training, maintenance and repair.

    The Office 365 package is completely hosted on the cloud which gives a range of options when tailoring their product to the various companies that are heavily based in the IT field. The package is highly customizable in that individuals and businesses alike are able to choose which parts of the program they want to use, which allows them to create a very specific work environment for their employees. The products that are part of Office 365 include:

    • Outlook

    • OneDrive

    • Word

    • Excel

    • PowerPoint

    • OneNote

    • SharePoint

    • Microsoft Teams

    Plus many more. Computers R Us is here to help get you you setup with the the right Office 365 programs and support you with any help you need using them. Whether you just need email or a full business system, we can support you.

    Email Hosting That Works For You

    Good communication is critical to a successful business. With the invention of the internet, you are expected to be available constantly. When your client needs something, you want to be there to help. When you need a job done fast, you want to be able to instantly contact your best employee. With office 365 email hosting you can have complete control over your company’s email.

    With email hosting, you have complete control. You’ll get an easy to use web portal and you can also connect to your email on other devices like smartphones and tablets. Your data will be stored in the cloud and backed up constantly so your information will never be lost. And since your hosting is private, you can be sure that your data is safe from malicious attacks.

    We will provide you with network setup and personalized accounts for every one of your employees and you will have uniformity across all accounts. Your workflow will be more seamless with uninterrupted communication between clients and co-workers

    Accessibility and Reliability

    Office 365 is truly a cloud-based program that allows you to check your email securely, from anywhere. No matter what device you are using, you can log into the secure area, check, download, and send emails, access documents and even access the SharePoint online feature to transfer documents to co-workers. Computers R Us offers network setup and email hosting help so you can get the most out of your Office 365. 

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    Secure and Affordable

    Internet security is very important when dealing not only with personal information but also when transmitting company information over the web. Office 365 is the first major provider to sign the contractual clauses crafted by the EU and is also the only public service that is hosted on the cloud that runs its systems as defined by ISO 27001. All this protection is included standard while still offering the software package at an affordable price to its users. These services will ensure that your business is set up properly to utilize all of these features to their fullest.

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    Scalable and Easy to Use

    Every business is different, and the software should be able to conform to the needs of the consumers who use it. Office 365 is highly versatile in that business owners can add and remove people to the license as needed, all online with just a few clicks. In addition to easily adding users, the software is intuitive and runs on the same model as the rest of the products in the Microsoft family, and we are happy to offer support and training for anyone in your office.

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      Fill out the form to get a repair quote ASAP! Call (678) 851-9926 for Immediate Assistance.
      BONUS: Get $5 off your repair for requesting your quote online!

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