Minimizing Losses With Data Recovery In Kennesaw, GA

Computers, smartphones and tablets are devices we use every day. They also store an amazing amount of data, most which is not backed up. While many people may use a backup system for the files on their primary computer, that still leaves your photos, contacts and documents stored on your mobile devices at risk should the system crash.

The most common causes of data loss on any type of device are hard drive failures, also known as hard drive crashes, corrupt files or the deletion of files by accident. If these things happen don’t panic, there is the option to use data recovery services at Computers R Us in Kennesaw, GA.

What to Do

If you have deleted files or if files will not open on any tablet, laptop, computer or smartphone stop using the device immediately. Call in or bring your device to Computers R Us and we can use advanced data recovery tools to attempt to recover some or all of the files on the hard drive or storage media.

In most cases, some recovery of data is possible even when the hard drive is no longer accessible through the device itself. Even in cases where files have been deleted by the user they are still on the hard drive, just not accessible through the system. Specialized software can be used to identify the “deleted” files and recover them completely.




It is important not to continue to use the device if you want to recover data. The hard drive will continue to write over files and, with continued use, the amount of data recovery possible will be decreased.

For a laptop or computer with a corrupt hard drive error message, it may be possible to remove the hard drive and access it from another computer. This is often a result of a problem with the operating system that is no longer able to access the hard drive.

Partitioning errors can also occur that will require a repair to the partition table. This repair can be completed using special software that can restore some or all of the files depending on the amount of corruption of the data.
We can help with data recovery on any type of devices. Located in Kennesaw, GA Computers R Us is a locally owned business offering full computer and smartphone repairs and service. To find out more give us a call today at 678-851-9926.