Convenient In – Home Computer Diagnostics And Repair Services

For those living in Kennesaw, GA and surrounding areas, Computers R Us is able to provide convenient in-home computer diagnostic and repair services. This is the ideal option for desktop computers and computers that are used to coordinate your home entertainment systems and other systems.

The last thing you want to have to do is to disconnect everything, carry the computer and leave it at a repair shop. With our in-home service, we can come to your home for a scheduled appointment and complete a full diagnostic service on the computer.




The Benefits

In-home computer diagnostic and repair services make things much easier for our customers. It is also a good option for our service technicians as they are able to see the computer and the system and determine if there may be any networking issues or hardware incompatibility issues contributing to the problem.

Additional benefits include:

  • Low rates for in-home diagnostics and repairs that make it a cost-effective option for residential and commercial customers.
  • The ability for the customer to talk directly to the technician and to ask questions.
  • The ability for the technician to ask specific questions from the customer to help to quickly and effectively pinpoint the problem.
  • Utilizing diagnostic tools in the same environment where the computer will be used to determine conflicts or problems.
  • Ability to identify other issues with the computer including insufficient or limited memory, CPU problems or even the presence of viruses.
  • Allowing the computer to stay in your control with the technician carrying most needed parts and components with them to the appointment.

In the event that the computer needs more extensive repairs, the technician can provide a full explanation of what is required. This is also a great time for the customer to consider options and to determine if moving forward with the repairs is the most effective choice.

At Computers R Us in Kennesaw, GA we can complete in-home computer diagnostic and repair services or you can bring your computer into our shop for repairs. To discuss your options or to schedule an appointment with a technician, give us a call today at 678-851-9926.