Fun Places to Visit in Kennesaw - Skyzone Trampoline Park

Many local haven't had the chance to check out the Kennesaw indoor trampoline park yet because it is relatively new in our city, but it is quickly becoming a local favourite. You may think this is something just for kids, but there are also some adults who can’t get enough! We're never too old for ultimate dodgeball on trampolines! 

On the Skyzone Website there is a 26 second video of two three-person teams jumping around a half sphere of foam protected trampolines having the time of their lives. If you ever watched super hero or actions movies as a kid I think you will appreciate the gravity defying feeling of trampoline ultimate dodgeball. 

Aside from this cool dodgeball game they have the basic flat trampolines and even some basketball hoops to play on. It's similar to a basketball court, except the floor is a series of trampolines instead. This is definitely a great place for kids or the whole family!

For anyone afraid of hurting themselves or for beginners Sky Zone has something called the Foam Zone. Basically this presents an opportunity to jump as high as you want and do as many crazy flips as you want without fearing injury. You can literally jump into a swimming pool sized hole filled with large foam squares. There is something really satisfying and dream-like about it! Another video to watch on the Sky Zone website if you have the time. The slogan of the trampoline park is  “Laws of gravity made to be broken!”. Yes. Love it.

The tickets are reasonably price. Sky Zone has a 10 for 8 pass for $120, season passes, and a bunch of other sales bundles including their merchandise. They even have glow in the dark trampoline nights for birthday parties. Basically the only thing to consider is that you have to sign a waiver to enter to assume the risk of any injury, but you can always stick to the giant foam pit and skip ultimate dodgeball after all.

Here are the directions from our shop: