Keep Hackers Away from your iPhone

With so much of our daily activities being based online - internet and information security are more important than ever. As you may have heard in tech news, the FBI was able to hack what was once thought to be unhackable- the iPhone. If law enforcement can get in, you can safely assume there are scores of hackers trolling to get access to your information for less than savory reasons.

We have a few tips that will help you keep the information on your phone secure, and out of the hands of hackers:

Stay up to date

It is important to make sure that you are always running the most up to date version of Apple’s iOS. Apple is always updating their security to stay ahead of the curve, and those efforts are added to every automatic update. Hackers love to seek out any flaws in their code, and Apple has a whole department dedicated solely to patching codes and implementing upgrades to keep their customer's information secure. 

Create a complicated password

This may be common sense, but even in 2018, people still create easy to guess passwords for their accounts that leave their information vulnerable to attack, or worse, theft. Your iPhone has the ability to store passwords from anything to your email all the way to your banking account, as such, it’s important to rely on more than just site encryption by creating complex passwords that are hard to guess. That also goes for your iPhone password itself.

Forget the links

Another common mistake users make is clicking on a link they get via email or those they are sent to social media. Unless you trust the person sending you the link, and you recognize the site address, you should avoid random links altogether. This is one of the most common ways hackers gain access to your phone, your accounts, and your private information.

App Permissions

With so many new applications being released every day, and users wanting to customize their iPhone experience as much as possible, it’s easy to overlook just what permissions are given to which applications, and what that may mean for your private information. When you prior to downloading an application, make sure you are comfortable with the permissions required to operate that application. For applications you already have on your phone, you can revoke any applications that provide access to personal or sensitive information that you don’t want hackers to have.

Opt out of auto-fill and turn off Siri

Auto-fill is a convenient way to quickly input your passwords across many sites or services without having to type them out manually each time you visit. Unfortunately, hackers also are able to utilize the same feature to steal your personal information and gain access to sensitive accounts. Opting to manually input your complex passwords may be tedious, but the safety payoff is certainly worth it. You should also avoid using Siri for extra protection, while Apple has programmed certain protections, there are plenty of instances where people have been able to use the assistant to gain access to iPhones without the need to input a password.

Following these tips will go a long way in protecting your iPhone from hackers. Stay safe out there 🙂

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