Fun Places to Visit - Kennesaw Mountain

kennesaw mountain cannon

There aren't enough great things to say about Kennesaw Mountain. Many locals love walking through forests and mountain areas, and there is something about the fresh air produced by all of the trees around me that we just can’t get enough of. Nature is even more beautiful that when you work all week in a small building. Regardless, Kennesaw Mountain is unique because it preserves a civil war battle ground and the city has created some fun activities to do outdoors that are history themed. Kids in school get to go on field trips there from time to time. 

monument at kennesaw mountain

Kennesaw Mountain has various trails that run through it and they are  clean and well kept. This city is very good at preserving the natural habitats within it. If you ever visit Kennesaw and want to check out the mountain, get the online map of all of the trails so you don’t get lost. The map is the best way to optimize your time. There is nothing worse than spending four hours walking in the same circle over and over again. The map also gives you a lot of information about the history of Kennesaw, which is a good read about our city’s history.

The hiking trails are a must-see and don’t be alarmed if you see a horse or two! Something they just added last year to the trails are signs along the way that let you know how many calories you are burning.  It does motivate you to walk a little faster and make you feel good knowing you're getting your workout in for the day. There are trails off the mountain as well. Some of the best are the Winchester Forest Park Trail, the Deerfield Part Trail, the Matlock Trail, the Whispering Lake Trail and the First Baptist Church (KFBC) Trail. Some of them are linked together and all of them are well kept. The trail itself is usually earthy but sometimes it turned into something like a concrete sidewalk. The paths would be fine for biking or running as well as casually hiking or walking the dog. Most dog owners are good about picking up after their pets, but there are always some people who don’t. The city keeps the trails as clean as possible and encourages everyone who lives here to get their exercise in a safe and natural environment.  Just a few more reasons why we love the city of Kennesaw.