Maxwell Farms (Based out of Dallas Ga)

“It all started over a pan of biscuits and a jar of my mother’s Fig Preserves. My husband informed me that I should learn to make these, while my mother was still able to teach me.

Shortly after, I retired from the corporate world and had time for those lessons. She got me started and then I was scouring cookbooks and the internet for recipes for jams, jellies and pickles!

I signed up for my first farmer’s market in 2009. In 2014 we made the leap and added a processing kitchen to our farm. In the first 2 years, I have processed over 10,000 jars. That number alone just blows my mind.

Now, I am venturing out into the wholesale world in great little shops like this!”

Hometown Honey (Based out of Kennesaw Ga)

“Hello, my name is Brian Higgins and my wifes name is Lori Higgins. We have been beekeepers since 1992, and it’s a funny story of how we became involved with bees. We live on an acre lot in a subdivision. Coming from a farmer family background, of course, it was important to us to have fruit trees and gardens, but there was a problem…No fruits and no vegetables would grow on our property!

Thinking it’s my soil (red clay). I gave the county agricultural department a call to see if they could help me. They told me it’s not the soil. The problem is the lack of wild honeybees. So I decided to buy a hive and have honeybees in my yard and hoped to have fruits and vegetables. And I did! So did the neighbors!!

I started to make my own hive boxes and before I knew it I was up to ten hives. My honey was in such demand that I had to keep growing!I Now have 5 bee yards there are in Kennesaw, Acworth, Woodstock, Marietta, and Cartersville. We have been active members of the Georgia State Beekeepers Association since 1995 and support UGA’S bee research lab.”

Chrissie’s Creations

Chrissie’s Creations was born in 2016 by Chrissie Thompson, a native of Woodstock, GA. She loves using her creativity and passion for making people smile to make many types of art, with her main medium being reclaimed pallet wood.

Everything Chrissie makes is custom, handmade and one of a kind. No two pieces are alike and all pieces are made with love, time and attention.

Southern Pandemonium

In 2012, I started making soaps for my family and friends as little gifts, and as time went on people around us wanted to know if they could purchase a couple of bars here and there. As business started to grow I recruited my family to start helping out too, and today we have a wide assortment of bars, loofahs and scrubs. Our products are made from the best ingredients available and while quality is of the highest priority, so is environmental sustainability. We never use Palm oil in any of our products, instead we found more environmentally responsible & suitable oil replacements.

We just recently added a bulk buying option to our job description for those throwing parties! For special orders call (678) 851-9926