The Dreaded Frozen iPhone Screen

Sometimes an iPhone screen doesn’t want to work. Is this part of Apple’s conspiracy to slow down old-phones (which they tried to clear up) or is it just a common bug that every phone owner has to take? Whatever the case, when a phone screen becomes unresponsive to your touch it is pretty irritating and you can’t help but want to fix it immediately.

 How else will you play Candy Crush, text your crush, or get crushed by a missed phone call that you were waiting on all day? You can’t swipe, tap, or dial. What a waste! When this happens you will need an action plan for how to deal with it – and that is where we come into play.

There are a lot of things that could have caused your iPhone screen to stop working: water damage, excessive cold or heat, a shattered screen (see our broken screen services), or just even a battery that needs to be replaced. I have experienced this problem a few times and these troubleshooting steps definitely helped when I needed them. 

Try these solutions

Check temperature

The first thing you should do when your iPhone screen becomes unresponsive is to ensure your phone is at room temperature. Even if your fingers are too cold or too hot the screen may not respond. There is a sweet spot that we will just refer to as your normal, sitting at a desk temperature. Don’t do anything drastic to warm up your phone, like putting it in a microwave (definitely don’t do that). Simply let it sit for at least twenty minutes and try again. If your outside in the cold, wait until your inside and see what happens then. 

Clean the screen

The next thing you should do if your screen is still unresponsive is clean the screen as well as your fingertips. Dirt, grease, food, and whatever else that may have come in contact with your hands or phone that day could be the reason that the screen isn’t activating when you touch it. If you have a case around your phone that is blocking the screen, take it off and clean it thoroughly. A pro tip when cleaning a phone screen is to use a clean cotton cloth. This will avoid scratching the screen or leaving behind any extra debris. In addition, while the case is removed see if the screen will respond. It’s possible the case wasn’t made well or it wasn’t meant to be on an iPhone. 

Reboot and Retry

Still no luck? Don’t worry, there is one more thing you can try: perform a hard reboot or simply restart your phone. We are far from having perfect technology and sometimes, just like with a desktop computer, iPhones need to be restarted and refreshed. The method for a hard reboot will change depending on the type of iPhone you have, so make sure to research a little before you try this method. We suggest trying the restart method first. We wish you luck in your pursuit of an iPhone screen that responds when it is supposed to! 

If all else fails, you can contact us through our homepage and we can find the best solution for you. 

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