Top 5 Tips For Saving Your iPhone Battery Life

That new iPhone is a great gadget for any electronic junkie, and though they are a powerful tool as well as being a fun way to pass the time, any intensive iPhone usage is going to drain your battery in a hurry.  While the most common way to conserve battery on any Smartphone is to turn off most of the services, with an iPhone, disabling all those cool apps will make it just another pocket brick, and that’s certainly not why you bought it!

We have 5 great tips that will help you conserve your battery life, without sacrificing all the fun, even for iPhones that are running iOS 10.

1. Stop turning off applications, just turn off background refresh 

This may seem backward, but when you remove an application from active use, it takes the app out of the ram memory, so when you do decide to use it, your phone has to reload all that information which drain your battery every time you repeat the action. Applications only drain your battery if they are in active use, or if they are running in the background. To boost your battery, turn off your auto-refresh option on apps like mail, Skype, games and social media. 

2. Turn on low power mode

This seems obvious, right? Well, believe it or not, very few iPhone users pay attention to this simple hack that can add 3 hours to your battery life. Unfortunately, you have to let your phone hit 20% before the option becomes available, and as long as you don’t charge your battery past the 80% mark, you can enjoy the low drain benefits that will allow your phone to run optimally while still saving your overall battery life. This works for all versions of iOS, including iOS 10.

3. Check your usage

Some battery drain may be caused by a faulty battery, while other drains on your energy are caused by the programs running on your phone. Check your battery usage in the settings section to see where the most usage is originating from. Make sure there are not programs preventing your phone from sleeping while not in use since that is one of the most common ways batteries lose their power.  

4. Turn down the lights and lock the door

Screen brightness is a common culprit when it comes to battery drain. Instead of leaving your phone on auto brightness, select a setting that is comfortable for your eyes, without being overly bright. This will reduce the drain and save your eyes. On that note, set your auto-lock feature for as little amount of time as possible, this will put your phone to sleep when idle, and save you a bit of battery all day.

5. Turn off your networks

We all like to stay connected, but that won’t help if your battery dies halfway through the day. Unless you are using it, turn off your wifi, blue tooth, mobile internet and other “search” and “connectivity” options. This will stop your phone from sending push signals to search for them at regular intervals, and thus reduce the passive drain on your phone battery.

Following these tips will greatly boost your battery life! But if you are having ongoing battery issues, you may need a replacement battery. If your not sure, you can always come into our shop so we can give you a diagnosis.