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    Virus Protection

    There are many different companies offering antivirus, malware, spyware and trojan protection services but most often, those services are tailored to those that are already very knowledgeable about computer viruses and know exactly what they need. Computers R Us is different in that we not only have plans for bigger companies, but we have an extensive offering for new entrepreneurs, webmasters, and companies and individuals that are just establishing their online presence.

    Our antivirus protection services are both comprehensive and affordable. Adding antivirus and malware protection to your business plan is a much needed but often complicated part of establishing a web presence, managing the functions of these service ports can only add to the complexity.  Computers R Us takes some of the stress off of the casual computer user or small business owner by providing tailored services that comprehensively address all of your needs, often before you know you have them.

    How We Can Help

    If your computer has become infected with spyware or bogged down by viruses, hire the specialist at Computers R Us to perform a complete removal. Self-removal will often show that the same virus appears again a couple days later thanks in part to recall programs that often get overlooked by basic cleanup programs. Some of the other services we offer are:

    • Virus Prevention Tips
    • Spyware Removal
    • Antivirus Installation
    • Virus Scan
    • Malware Removal
    • Virus Removal

    Virus Scan

    Not sure if you already have a virus? Let us check.You might be surprised but the average computer is bogged down with a host of viruses and a bevy of spyware. While the first thing you may think is that you don’t download unknown links so you are safe, but just visiting popular websites, chat pages, and even some internet searches can lead you to places where you pick up these nefarious passengers. Though most computers have a general virus protection system, the fact is they really are not as effective as you may think when it comes to getting rid of complex malware. That’s where Computers R Us comes in handy, we specialize in the removal of spyware am malware as well as offer tips and programs to help prevent further infection.

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    Antivirus Software

    Computers R Us knows how aggressive Trojans, malware, and viruses can be. We have 14 years of experience in the industry and out techs are constantly updating their education to stay abreast of current trends in IT security. We are dedicated to ensuring our business servers, computers and networks are safe from debilitating infections that can compromise your customer's privacy and reduce your staff's productivity. We will actively develop a personalized strategy that targets malware and self-updates so you are protected around the clock. In addition, we will put programs in place that neutralizes any malware present until we can remove it completely.

    Our preferred solution is Bit Defender Business Security and due to our partnership we are able to offer this at  discounted prices!

    Business Solutions

    Managing a growing business can easily take up most of your time, Computers R Us understands the need for integration and cohesiveness between your servers, sites, and services. IT management can only do so much considering the tasks are often divided between different teams working on different parts of your server. At the end of the day, Computers R Us is here to ensure that all those independent parts function properly and alert you if they aren’t before your customers are faced with errors on the public end of your site.

    Affordable Prices

    Computers R Us offers extremely competitive pricing for antivirus and malware protection and removal - Computers R Us offers free estimates. Call for your free estimate: 678-389-7518

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      Fill out the form to get a repair quote ASAP! Call (678) 851-9926 for Immediate Assistance.
      BONUS: Get $5 off your repair for requesting your quote online!

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