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We’d like to take a moment to introduce ourselves in the hopes that this is the beginning of a lasting friendship.

Our goal here at Computers R Us is to give clients the opportunity to restore devices that they’ve been told elsewhere is either not worth the time or money. We service all sorts of devices, from computers and laptops to tablets and cell phones. We also sell Mobile phones, Laptops, and Accessories.


Computer Service

Our computer service center is open seven days a week so that you can get back to enjoying your desktop or laptop computer as soon as possible, usually the same day that you bring it in.

Tablet Service

When your device breaks, you don’t have to say goodbye to your favorite portable companion just yet – bring it to us for a speedy job instead!

Cell Phone Service

Whether you need a cracked screen replaced, some virus removal, a button unjammed, a software malfunction resolved or any other technical issue, we’ll have you sorted out quickly and at a highly competitive price.

Gadget Sales

Mobile phones are no more merely a part of our lives. We sale iOS and Android mobiles ranging from basic mobiles, low-range and mid-range phones to very high-end. Top mobile brands like Samsung, Google pixel, Oppo, Vivo, Apple and many more

Our Goal:

To give clients the opportunity to restore their devices that they have been told previously is not worth their time or money

While we are an electronic sales and service center, we are also much more. We know that home devices are more than just hunks of technology. People use these devices on a daily basis, to keep up with work, to stay in touch, or to record and share precious family moments. Because they are so much a part of our daily lives, these devices become connected to us on a personal level. That personal connection is something we strive to reflect in our daily operations. By servicing devices, we like to think that we give people and their devices a second chance at maintaining an important connection.

To give clients the opportunity to restore their devices that they have been told previously is not worth their time or money

While we are an electronic service and sales center, we are also much more. We know that home devices are more than just hunks of technology. People use these devices on a daily basis, to keep up with work, to stay in touch, or to record and share precious family moments. Because they are so much a part of our daily lives, these devices become connected to us on a personal level. That personal connection is something we strive to reflect in our daily operations. By servicing such an important piece of technology, we like to think that we give people and their devices a second chance at maintaining that important connection.

Our Goal:
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Lexi PrinceLexi Prince
14:38 12 Apr 24
Super helpful staff. The man explained everything really well so I knew I was making the right decision for myself! Pretty affordable prices too but I have an Iphone XR so it will probably differ per device.
James RyanJames Ryan
21:37 08 Apr 24
Super fast great service. Lifetime warranty on my new phone screen!
Tim JonesTim Jones
14:11 01 Apr 24
These guys are awesome!!
00:17 30 Mar 24
Friendly. knowledgeable, professional.
Jaleel jamesJaleel james
17:07 29 Mar 24
Screen looks perfect for the right price it’s the nice place to come too
Jessica CroweJessica Crowe
15:15 28 Mar 24
Great service! Very quick. Much appreciated. Thank you Collin!!
Selina RagerSelina Rager
17:59 18 Mar 24
The workers are very polite and met my expectations.
Jenn RuelleJenn Ruelle
18:36 16 Mar 24
This place is amazing! I brought my laptop in after spilling orange juice on it. They cleaned it right away. Unfortunately, I couldn't handle the stickiness of the keys so I took it back and they ordered me a new keyboard. FYI - they warned me that I might need a new keyboard after they cleaned it. As soon as the keyboard came in, they called right away and had it fixed in 3 hours which was the time frame they give me. They were quick and efficient. Thomas was super easy to talk to and work with! I will be going back if I ever need anything technology related. My new keyboard is perfect. Types like a brand new laptop. Saved me hundreds of dollars. Customer for life!!!
04:38 16 Mar 24
Craig RoperCraig Roper
19:31 14 Mar 24
Damien and the staff are always super helpful and provide awesome customer service. I’ve been a customer for over five years
Tyler CTyler C
20:25 13 Mar 24
Everyone was super nice however, I brought my pc in because the cpu light was flashing and tried every fix I could think of. Once I got it back, the employee said the cpu was just broken. So I got a new one, just for the same issue. All that was needed was the CMOS battery taken out and put back in.
David TollisonDavid Tollison
01:23 10 Mar 24
busted my back camera on my iphone twice they fixed it both times reasonable price Thomas was great awesome customer service
Brian MoreeBrian Moree
20:19 03 Mar 24
Excellent work upgrading my motherboard.
Tulela HardyTulela Hardy
22:46 24 Feb 24
I love this place! Everyone was so very helpful and explained everything. Very humble and caring individuals. Plus I was able to play chess they have set up with my daughter while we waited. Thank you so much!
Al-seny Di-all0Al-seny Di-all0
20:59 24 Feb 24
The service was very helpful. They are good with communication and work pretty quickly. If you have any phone or laptop issues or bugs definitely come check out Computer R Us and they will have you situated.
byran grahambyran graham
16:40 15 Feb 24
Great Service!
Lamar ScottLamar Scott
18:13 10 Feb 24
This place is awesome. It’s quick service they fix everything within a time manner., and at a reasonable price, I will recommend this place everyone in my family and friends, thanks Lamar Scott
Mary BurleyMary Burley
18:55 03 Feb 24
So happy! Walked in with “phone ink”creeping on my screen. They fixed it within an hour and charged 1/6 the cost of a new phone! Highly recommend!
Holly LaymanHolly Layman
12:31 06 Jan 24
Been using them for YEARS! They are always super nice, fast, honest, and their pricing is fair. They’ve helped us with everything from laptops, to fixing MULTIPLE phone screens, and will soon be doing a backup for us on an old device. We literally drive over an hour to use them over anyone else. Highly recommend!!!
David ThompsonDavid Thompson
19:03 23 Dec 23
First time customer. I needed my broken phone screen replace and it looks a great! It only took 30-40 mins. Awesome job, great price and very professional. I’ll definitely be back!
17:23 19 Dec 23
They were able to diagnose and fix my laptop. Very happy with service here. Great communication. Thomas kept me posted on everything during the process. Thank you.
David EcholsDavid Echols
22:21 18 Dec 23
Great service and knowledgeable guys. Colin and Thomas were super helpful and accommodating to an old guy that is technically impaired. Repaired 2 busted phones and I will use them again. Thanks guys.
A AndrewsA Andrews
21:25 07 Dec 23
I started going here 5 years ago and it always smelled so weird but I needed help with a computer so who cares, but it did linger in my thoughts when subsequent changes emerged as of late. The implementation of charging for the time to assess my computer at the time of drop off seems greedy. I feel bad for the employees who are painfully stalked by the owner and interrupted while being corrected in front of me and other customers. I run a business which is why I needed their services but the oppression and the smell in that place is palpable and bad business. The worker didn’t want to charge a fee to rush through answering my questions and I could feel the tension coming from the owner to helicopter every word. And how do they get away with soliciting reviews on the premises when smaller businesses are always flagged for doing so? I think these added charges for “time” would be best unstated and wrapped up in the price at the end in order to make the customer feel valued and not just someone to price gouge.
Nick FurciNick Furci
19:18 04 Dec 23
Great service! Phone screen replaced in an hour and works great. Plan on taking my computers to get serviced here too.
Collin came to my home to assist me with setting up my home office and the whole process was an easy one! He showed up on time, the price was just right and he got my up and running in about an hour.
Crystal WilliamsCrystal Williams
20:57 25 Nov 23
I want to not give this hack shop any stars but can’t in order to leave a review. I took my son phone to this place a couple years to be fixed. I paid whatever the price was and left with the phone fixed. My son phone was damaged not even a week later and was told no warranty. Not pleased at all. Unaware that my daughter took her computer to be fixed by them. Left with it fixed. However the same issues happened where the screen isn’t cracked but it glitches and the screen is funky. My daughter didn’t know the computer. So now after being repaired by this place was told anything that you place on top of the computer or inside and attempt to close could have done this. Funny thing is I have the exact laptop and actually do close items inside as I move it from location to location as well as place objects even hot coffee on top while carrying and nothing has happened to mine. So after two separate items were allegedly fixed at this location and had the same issues. I want to say the techs that work here either don’t know what they are doing or are putting products that are faulty. I wouldn’t recommend this business at all. It is better to pay the extra dollars to her fixed at the name of the company that you purchased the product. I will be taking it to Apple for repair and if there is anything inside that isn’t or wasn’t applied correctly my lawyer will be sending this establishment a letter on intent. I pray that Our Heavenly Father gives this business the justice it truly deserves. 11/25/23.
E'million HernandezE'million Hernandez
16:01 03 Nov 23
very quick and professional service. was recommended by a friend and will recommend this service so anyone needed. the man was very polite and cordial and i overall enjoyed my experience getting my phone fixed
Amy Jo MaitlandAmy Jo Maitland
17:43 02 Nov 23
I always take our phones here for repair. Always great service, fast and friendly! Highly recommend
Antione HatchettAntione Hatchett
18:26 23 Oct 23
C R Us has been my go-to for all things computer and electronics. Colin and Thomas are extremely knowledgeable, honest and upfront. They were able to help me with an issue on retrieving some lost iMessages I’ve been trying to solve for almost 2 yrs.. Highly recommended!
Carter GouldCarter Gould
21:45 19 Oct 23
Thomas was very professional and helped me get a new SSD installed on my gaming PC. Highly recommend their service!
Jennifer RamirezJennifer Ramirez
21:42 19 Oct 23
They have the best, fast and quality services it was ready in 30 min and our broken screen look like the original glass.
Alicia R.Alicia R.
18:03 12 Oct 23
Love this place! I have been going to them for years and will drive out of the way just to get my devices fixed by them. They have very reasonable prices, and lower than most other places. They will tell you upfront what to expect and will let you know if it’s worth your time or not. I would recommend them to anybody that needs a phone fixed over and over.
Cody WashingtonCody Washington
21:40 02 Oct 23
Great prices! Excellent service! Very easy process and to the point. Highly recommend!
12:26 01 Oct 23
Came in randomly after my phone screen finally went out, call around places for repairs and was quoted no less than 140 to start with and a friend said go to COMPUTERS R US and so glad I did, came it front desk said give me 30-40 minutes so went to make a few runs and came back to wait in the front and said I got it done and it was less than the time he told me, plus to this is that I forgot my wallet on the counter and didn’t realize it till a couple hours later while getting food and front desk called me and told they have it waiting for me and sure enough realize I didn’t have so and came back and had it waiting for me, so thankful for that and very appreciative guys so for sure hands down recommend to anyone because I will be bringing my other damage electronics here.
Lorenzo BetheaLorenzo Bethea
19:20 28 Sep 23
Great consultation from the owner. No hassle review of my needs. I would recommend the business
Bryson ShadeBryson Shade
16:36 26 Sep 23
Great service and finished the phone the fastest I’ve ever seen. My phone screen looks amazing now! I definitely recommend
Sean SalterSean Salter
18:12 22 Sep 23
Came in to get a screen replaced. Thomas was awesome. Was able to replace the screen fast and picked it up in no time. Thanks again.
albert catronalbert catron
20:35 08 Sep 23
They were quick and fast. I went to get food and they were done by the time I got back which was only 40 minutes.
Lorenzo BettiLorenzo Betti
18:55 29 Aug 23
Quick and fast IPhone screen replacement. Very reasonably priced and great service.
Sibling HumorSibling Humor
20:59 07 Aug 23
Thomas was super helpful, he said he’s one of of the managers there and he didn’t mind explaining thing a second time when i didn’t understand. Also it was honestly really speedy, about 40 mins to get my screen replace and I would say pretty fair prices, definitely check them out!
Samantha WrightSamantha Wright
04:55 05 Aug 23
Came to these guys a year ago to replace my keyboard after I spilled something on it. Keyboard started acting up again about a week ago for no reason and they won't even acknowledge that they did a bad job or ordered a bad part. But they're totally willing to charge me another about $200 for the same fix. For what? So I can come back in another 13 months, conveniently right after their one-year warranty expires? No thanks. I'll pass. Pretty sure they're trying to take advantage of people. Greatly disappointed and will not return. Will find another shop or just buy a whole new laptop for that price.But at least they have a cute dog!I can't seem to reply to the reply, so here it is:1. The employee said the repair was done a little over a year ago. I assumed that was 13 months, not 15, so that's my fault, but 2 extra months is nothing for a new keyboard. A part like that should be lasting years, not just over 1. But a computer repair shop should know how long a keyboard should last without outstanding circumstances, right?2. I rounded up to $200, but you're right. I should be more accurate. It was just about $164.3. At no point did I say I wanted a free keyboard. I think a reputable business would do something like that if the diagnosis proved they were at fault, but since no proper diagnosis was done, I made no such suggestions.4. "it has been functioning with no issues for 15 months." That's why I asked you for help, but our comments that it was replaced by y'all a little over a year ago were ignored, so I have to assume y'all are refusing to acknowledge that something may have gone wrong, and again, without a proper diagnosis, I have no other way of knowing.Plus, since you spent the entirety of your reply making excuses and using emojis, I still have y'all's wrongdoing.5. Your employee did not thoroughly inspect the keyboard. He opened up a keyboard tester on Google, hit a few keys, and said everything was fine. So, he ignored what I said about it sometimes working and then not working. He did say that that probably meant the keyboard was starting to fail, but again, no proper diagnostic was done. I was just recommended a new keyboard and told a price for it, which makes me feel more and more like y'all are not reputable.6. I don't appreciate you insinuating that I lied to get a free keyboard I didn't even ask for. And I think you insinuating that speaks to your not-so-stellar character and how you run your business. Yes, I spilled something on my keyboard during the first visit; I was completely honest about it, and I was completely honest when we went again that literally nothing happened.7. This 1-star review is not unwarranted, and you saying it is unwarranted proves to me that you can't take criticism. Your shop did not handle my case well and has not treated me well Now, you guys have plenty of great reviews, so maybe I am one of a few people that had a repair go wrong and a terrible customer experience, but the fact that you can't admit any wrongdoing further shows me why I shouldn't come back. I don't need your approval to take my business elsewhere, and you telling me to take my business elsewhere after I already said I wouldn't return is just icing on the cake.8. You wrote multiple times in your reply that you are a small business. I just wanted to say that it feels like you're trying to laud that over me and everyone else. I applaud you for being able to run your own shop in this climate, but that doesn't make your money or time any more valuable than mine or anybody else's. That's why I respected your time by coming back to try and get a proper diagnostic.9. Finally, I wish to apologise for how snappy my original review was. I have had a rough few weeks and it came out badly in the first post, not that that is an excuse. I don't wish to delete it for posterity purposes, but I did feel the need to apologise.So, I'll leave it with this: may your dog live a long and happy life.
Mental Health MattersMental Health Matters
22:16 04 Aug 23
Best prices in cobb county! Trust me, I price shopped thoroughly. Tomas had my iphone screen fixed in about 15 minutes.
Aliyah RichardsonAliyah Richardson
21:38 02 Jun 23
super amazing customer service they were so sweet and got me right what i needed as quick as possible !!
alyssa beasleyalyssa beasley
21:28 16 May 23
I have been going here for the past 5+ years and multiple family members of mine have too and they do a fantastic job everytime!
LaToya BoydLaToya Boyd
20:51 25 Apr 23
They were very helpful. Even though they didn’t have my part in stock, they explained how to order it and had a great turnaround time. Thanks
Alseny DialloAlseny Diallo
19:25 27 Mar 23
Computer R us is wonderful repair shop in the kennesaw area. They were very quick with there process and were willing to help fix my issue in a timely manner and low prices. I would definitely recommend visiting this shop if you have any type computer or phone problems.
Angela FuAngela Fu
01:49 19 Feb 23
If I were to share everything I liked about my experience with Computers R Us, I'd write a novel. Instead, let me make a list of highlights:1. They were open on a Saturday and had a paid priority option. This is perfect for people who have an emergency tech problem that needs a quicker turnaround.2. ...and they were quick! I came in at 4pm on a Saturday, and they had my laptop diagnosed and fixed in an hour, same day.3. They have a dog, and he will pose for treats.4. They've got a checkers table and a table for kids. (I believe it was stocked with paper and drawing supplies?) I left to run errands, but I'm sure other people will appreciate the reprieve from staring at the wall while their phone is being fixed.5. On the wall behind the counter is a small shelf of honey. They've got samples if you want to try it before you buy it. Hint: You might want to ask for scissors to get the sample tube open. That locally-sourced raw wildflower honey slapped so hard, I had to get myself a bottle.Most importantly, the people at Computers R Us were 10/10 folks. Helpful, accommodating, and really knew their stuff. They were upfront about costs, realistic about turnaround time, and were able to explain the more technical jargon without making customers feel dumb for asking questions, of which I had many.Now, I can't speak on the stuff they sell (besides the S tier honey) since I was there for a repair, but I did see smartphone cases, monitors, and PCs on display.So if you need a reliable, transparent, and reasonably priced diagnosis and fix, Computers R Us is the place to go.
Matt DoaneMatt Doane
16:58 04 Feb 23
I have had the absolute best experience with the staff at Computers R Us! They are very friendly and knowledgable about tech repair. They work very quickly and do everything they can to make sure you are satisfied with your repair work. I highly recommend Computers R Us for all your tech repair needs!
Jeremiah WashingtonJeremiah Washington
22:22 16 Jan 23
I received great service from the employees , friendly and professional . They fixed my phone in a timely manner and am happy to be helped by them .
Abimael IrizarryAbimael Irizarry
21:42 07 Jan 23
I had a great experience coming here, after a dumbbell had just smashed my phone. I definitely recommend their services; great work, at great prices!
Jonathan PerryJonathan Perry
23:33 02 Dec 22
Wonderful service, a team of well knowledged tech specialists, and no hassles to boot. Be aware of availability around the holidays, had to wait the week after Thanksgiving to hear anything back, but other than that, super helpful support, would definitely come back in case of any PC problems.
Jeremy BowenJeremy Bowen
14:34 26 Nov 22
Wonderful people to work! I had some slight water damage to my laptop and they were able to have it fixed in just a couple days. They have great communication and kept me up to date on any delays that occurred with ordering the parts. I would bring my computer here again 🙂
Curtis TurnerCurtis Turner
00:10 19 Nov 22
Damian and the rest of the team were phenomenal. Most certainly recommend taking not only your PC or laptop but your iPhones and devices as well. Even when you think it will be a hefty repair these guys are always reasonable and positive. Six stars.
Kya BarrKya Barr
16:44 27 Oct 22
Collin was a great help. He fixed my iPhone 11 in just 15 Minutes.!! ☺️ Thank you. Service highly recommended! Will be back.
Ashton GolyerAshton Golyer
22:56 18 Oct 22
Highly recommend!! They're super nice and not bad with pricing. They also were done when they said they would be which was great too.
Ethan CastoEthan Casto
16:23 29 Sep 22
GO HERE FOR IPHONE SCRREN REPAIR!!! The costumer service was great and they were super honest and transparent about the whole process. They made sure I understood what I was paying, and it was cheaper than all their competitors. Strongly recommend.
R StoutR Stout
01:48 14 Sep 22
Have been here a couple of times now with computer issues and they're always extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and do their best to work within your budget. Highly recommend.
Susan QueenSusan Queen
21:47 27 Aug 22
They took care of our son's cracked iphone screen in a very timely manner. Great experience! The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful! We would definitely use them again.
Zach CZach C
20:40 25 Aug 22
Fast work and excellent customer service. Replaced my completely destroyed screen in only 30 minutes. Highly recommend
Lacey CrewsLacey Crews
14:56 09 Aug 22
This place is amazing. They know what they are doing and I would highly recommend. Affordable and a good turn around time. Computers, phones, tablets, you name it… take it here first before you replace.
Tam NgoTam Ngo
19:26 27 Jun 22
Had a great experience at the store! Really nice team of techs that know what they're doing and will make every effort to resolve your issues. Their selection of laptops and computers they sell is plentiful and range in lots of different prices. I recommend them
Kyle LeeKyle Lee
20:06 01 Jun 22
These guys are the best! Got a quote online from them Saturday and I went in and got my ipad fixed on Tuesday. Smooth and easy process with friendly staff. They also sell local honey, which is cool!
Cassie SmithCassie Smith
02:23 15 Apr 22
It was quite busy when we walked in, however we were greeted quickly! I had the screen on my iPhone 11 replaced. The guy who help me was extremely informative and made sure I got the best screen for what i needed! I purchased a case and a screen protector which they put on for me ! It only took a couple of hours for them to fix my phone and they had the best price around ! And my phone looks great ! Definitely left happy .
18:33 26 Mar 22
This amazing store is very friendly and helpful to everyone esp women who knew nothing about our gadgets!!! I hig recommend them to everyone!
Jose EsparzaJose Esparza
20:38 11 Sep 21
I came in to have my broken screen repaired for my Moto g Power. I ordered the screen and then my wife inquired about her Apple 8 plus. The front facing camera stopped working, not because of misuse. The Apple store wanted close to $400, Damien a co-owner quoted me $45. It was a no brainer, he repaired the phone and works perfectly. I'm so glad we came here. Customer service with Chrissy was excellent as well. I highly recommend this company and I'm bringing all my electronic repairs here.

Fill out the form to get a price quote ASAP! Call (678) 851-9926 for Immediate Assistance.

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Fill out the form to get a price quote ASAP! Call (678) 851-9926 for Immediate Assistance.

BONUS: Get $5 off your service for requesting your quote online!