ON SITE SERVICE in Computers R Us

On-Site Device Service

We Offer Professional On Site Service in and around Kennesaw, Canton, Marietta, Acworth, Cartersville and Woodstock.

So you wake up on a Monday morning, you are supposed to work from home today but when you sit down to your laptop you realize that it won’t turn on. You try everything you can think of but you just have no luck and now your boss is calling you to ask why you aren’t logged in. You could work from the office instead but you let your husband know he could take the car for the day and he has appointments he can’t miss. What can you do? Call Computers R Us! We will come to your house to diagnose your device, restore it on site if possible, or if not take it back to the shop and bring it back to you.

What Can Onsite Services Provide for You?

Sometimes coming into the shop isn’t convenient or your device is just large or heavy and is a pain to get into the car. This is when onsite can benefit you the most. Let us come and take a look at it for you. If need be we can untangle those cords behind your desk and take it into the shop for you.

We Keep You Up and Running — The Real Value in Onsite Services

While onsite services can be costlier than bringing your device into the shop on your own sometimes it is the convenience that is needed to keep you going. Whether you are working from home or are trying to keep a cranky toddler happy on their tablet having someone come in to fix it is so wonderful. Call us today to have us come look at your troublesome device today –


We Have the Expertise!