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Computers R Us is your go-to connection for computer setup, maintenance, repairs and upgrades in Kennesaw, Georgia and the surrounding area. Whether you need help with a Mac, PC, desktop, laptop printer, modem, router or anything else computer related -  we're here to help! Just call us at 678-851-9926 or fill out the form on the right and we'll solve any computer issue for you. That's why we're called Computer R Us 🙂

Slow Computer Solutions

Is your computer moving like molasses? Are programs or window opening against your will and freezing your system. We've all been there. In today's go-go age where technology is often lighting fast - there's nothing more frustrating than a slow computer. Here are some common issues that cause computers to slow down:

The internet can be a nasty place. Not only do these unwanted intruders put your identity and finances at risk-online, but they can also wreak havoc on the performance of your computer. We can safely and effectively remove viruses, trojans and spyware and also install security software on your computer and make sure your firewalls are setup properly to prevent viruses from infecting your computer.

Viruses, trojans, malware and spyware

The closer a computer gets to being full to capacity - generally the slower it runs. There is always the option to buy additional memory / space if needed, but there are usually measures we can take first to clean up the space.

Lack of hard drive / disc space or memory

Often there are programs, files or applications on people's computers running in the background or taking up space that they don't use or don't even know about. Or, at the very least, not configured optimally. We can help you identify these and optimize your computer so it runs at full speed.

Poorly Running Programs or Applications -

Network Setup

In today's world of hyper-connectivity there are so many options to setup a network and have devices connected to each other, but it often be confusing to try and setup properly. That's where we come in 🙂 We can get everything on your wireless network working seamlessly through wi-fi and bluetooth and set you up so it's easy for to operate and stay connected. We'll setup, connect and optimize all devices:

Software / Program Installation and Troubleshooting

Does your computer need a new Windows or MAC OS operating system? Need help installing Microsoft Office or getting your iTunes to work properly? You name the application or program and we will help you get it running smoothly and optimally on your computer in no time.

Training and Support

We are happy to do all the work for you, but if you'd like to learn to be able to something new on your computer, we'd love to help you with that too! We are always happy to help with one-off troubleshooting or support, but we also offer individual or group training at our store or in your office or home from basics to advanced skills. We can teach you or about :
web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox)
emails (Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail)
Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
Operating Systems (Windows, Mac OS)
advanced networking setup
security, anti-virus, firewall
and much more (just ask)!

Mobile / At-Home Service

Can't make it into your shop? No problem - we'll come to you. If you live in the Kennesaw area and want to arrange for us to come to your home, just give us a call at 678-851-9926 or fill out our form on the right. We've built a great reputation that we are proud of in the Kennesaw community, We are local family run and operated business that has been open in the community for more than five years. We treat every customer with respect and care and that's a big reason why we have a 5-star average in Google with over 500 reviews, as well as 5-star average with about 250 reviews on Facebook! We look forward to meeting you and hope you'll be our next happy customer 🙂 ! If you have any questions that you would like answered immediately, please call us at 678-851-9926 or fill out our website form.