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Computers R Us is your one-stop-shop for all of your tablet repair needs. No matter the brand and no matter the problem, you can count on our tech professionals to get it fixed fast and for a reasonable price.

When the iPad launched in 2010, tablets were somewhat of a novelty device. But fast forward to today, and they have evolved into an essential tool for working, writing, and staying connected on the go. As tablets have become more advanced and more integrated into our daily lives, breaking them has only become more devastating.

Luckily, when your device breaks, you don’t have to say goodbye to your favorite portable companion just yet – bring it into Computers R Us for a speedy repair instead!


Tablet Screen Repair

A Local Repair Service You Can Trust

For all of the amazing advances in technology, you’d think someone would have invented the indestructible tablet screen by now. But sadly, that’s not the case, and screen problems remain the most common annoyance tablet owners face. Luckily, tablet screen repair is just one of the many things that we do best!


Cracked Screen

It’s hard to find someone who’s never dropped and cracked a screen before. Accidents happen, but don’t worry – it’s not the end of the world! At Computers R Us, we specialize in tablet screen repair. No matter how shattered it might look, whether you dropped it 2 feet or 20 feet, we’re fully confident in the success of our tablet glass repair services. The best part is that we can replace your tablet screen without sacrificing your device’s data – all of your photos and contacts will remain intact. Your tablet will go back to the way it was right before you dropped it – it’ll be like it never even happened!

Headphone Jack Repair

Combining the picture quality of a computer with the portability of a phone, tablets are a great way to watch your favorite shows and movies on the go. But it’s hard to catch up on the latest season on the bus or on the train when your headphone jack isn’t working. You suddenly feel like you have to choose between relying on the subtitles alone and bothering others with the sound from your tablet’s speakers. But what if we told you there was a third option? That’s right, Computers R Us does headphone jack repairs too! We’ll get your tablet’s headphone jack working again fast so that you can get back to listening in peace.

Battery Repair

Has your tablet ever died while it still had plenty of charge? Do you look for power outlets everywhere you go because your tablet’s charge never seems to last for more than a few hours? Or worse yet, it won’t turn on at all? Then the problem is probably a faulty or dead battery, and the solution is usually a simple battery replacement. Most tablets don’t make it easy to access their batteries because they want you to hike all the way out to an Apple store for a battery replacement or ship your tablet out to the manufacturer and wait a week for them to send back your repaired tablet. But who has time for all that? Certainly not us!

Charging Port Repair

At Computers R Us, we repair tablets and offer screen replacements, but our services don’t stop there. If you’re having trouble with your laptop’s charging port – your tablet won’t charge no matter what charger or outlet you use – bring it to us. Our charging port repair services are faster and more affordable than any big-name repair service. We can even do complete charging port replacements – no problem is too big or too small for the pros at Computers R Us!

Screen Protectors

To help prevent your screen from breaking or cracking again, Computers R Us sells a variety of screen protectors and cases. Our broken screen repair services are affordably priced, but we know you’d rather not have to come in and spend money on repairs every time you drop your tablet. Not only can a screen protector keep your tablet safe from harm, but a nice case can make a stylish accessory as well! Browse cases and relax in our repair shop’s coffee-house-like atmosphere while we fix your device.

Screen Replacement

A cracked screen isn’t the only reason you might need a tablet screen replacement. Is the screen not responding to your touch? Or maybe you dropped it and it didn’t crack, but now the screen has gone haywire and is practically unusable. More often than not, the solution is a simple tablet screen replacement. We can do tablet screen repairs on any device of any size so that you can get back to tapping, swiping, and taking notes as quickly as possible.

Other Repairs We Offer

Even if your tablet is not completely broken or cracked, there are dozens of other problems and inconveniences that can arise. Buttons get stuck, speakers start sounding odd, cameras start looking fuzzy, and viruses can even infect our tablets and put our information at risk.

Technology is unpredictable, but the quality of service at Computers R Us is always reliable. Whether you just want your home button to stop sticking or need to remove a serious virus, we’re always here for you, seven days a week.

Apple iPad Repair

Nothing Apple makes is cheap, which is why you can’t afford to go out and buy a new iPad when your current one breaks. Don’t worry – at Computers R Us, we’ve seen our fair share of broken, cracked, and malfunctioning iPads. It doesn’t matter if it’s the original iPad or the newest iPad Air, we’ll get it fixed quickly and at a reasonable price so you don’t have to empty your pockets for a new one. Don’t make the journey to the Apple store and get in line behind a dozen other people waiting for repairs – skip the lines and come to Computers R Us for ipad repair instead.

Samsung Tablet Repair

Samsung Tablet Repair

Galaxy tablets are great for taking HD photos and videos, so a broken camera or faulty speakers can be a huge problem for Samsung users. We see and fix Galaxy devices all the time, so come see us for the best Samsung tablet repair services in Georgia!

Windows Tablet Repair

Windows Tablet Repair

The latest Windows tablets allow you to store a lot of data on a small device, but when your Surface or Surface Pro breaks your stored data might be at risk. Let us save your precious photos and documents by repairing your Windows tablet to like-new condition.

Amazon Tablet Repair

Amazon Tablet Repair

Amazon has a great warranty for their Fire tablets, but when that warranty inevitably runs out, you’re on your own. Well, not completely on your own – Computers R Us can help you repair your device and get back to reading your favorite novels.