iPad Repair in Kennesaw, GA

Computers R Us is a family-owned local tech shop proudly serving customers in Kennesaw and surrounding areas. Our team specializes in phone and tablet servicing. Simply drop off your broken iPad and one of our certified technicians will have it fixed for you within one business day.

With over 18 years of experience providing our services, our team has seen it all! The most common service we offer is iPad screen repairs or replacement. Unfortunately, it is quite easy to break the screen of an iPad or iPhone. We highly recommend keeping your tablet in a case that will protect your screen at all times as a preventative measure. However, we understand some accidents just can't be prevented!

Does your iPad screen, charging port, home button, or battery need to be replaced? To receive an estimate today, simply give us a call at 678-851-9926 or fill out the online form to receive $5 off your device servicing.


What Computer R Us Do?

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At Computer R Us, we have been providing the most durable repair services to get your iPad fixed. With the assistance of our experts, you can bring your devices back to their optimal working condition very fast.


iPad Screen Repair

Are you dealing with a cracked front glass? Is it completely shattered? Or even if the LCD is malfunctioning? Our experts are capable of handling all kinds of issues. So, whatever the issue you might be facing with your Apple Tab, we are going to make it right.
iPad Water Damage

iPad Water Damage

Dropping your tablet into water is not a good idea. However, accidents happen all the time. When you suffer such an unfortunate situation where your Tab is not working because of liquid exposure, you must not waste more time and contact us for an iPad or tablet water damage repair.

Home Button Repair & Replacement

Can you not operate the volume rocker buttons or the home button of your iOS tablet? If the issue is causing you discomfort, you can contact our professional experts to provide you with a high-end iPad Home button repair & replacement service to eliminate all the button malfunctions.

iPad Battery Replacement

Are you noticing any difference in the power drainage speed of your device? Is your gadget not able to hold charge anymore? If the back side of your gadget is swollen, worry not, as we are in town, enabling you to use your devices for a longer period of time without any interruption.
Motherboard Repair

Motherboard Repair

A bad iPad logic board can be the cause of many unwanted problems. It can generate various error messages; it can be a cause of excessive overheating and even unexpected death. If you are facing problems with your device that might be associated with this integral part, you can let us provide you with a durable iPad motherboard repair.
iPad Camera Repair and Replacement

Camera Repair and Replacement

With our iPad or iPhone camera repair and replacement service, we are able to fix all the possible problems with your tablet camera. So, whether the problem is due to a software glitch or because of a hardware malfunction, our experts are here to help you solve it.
iPad Speaker Repair

Speaker Repair

If you are not able to listen to your favorite music or the other person is unable to hear your voice over a call, you must visit our store for an iPad speaker repair. You can now start enjoying multimedia, just like you did when your Apple tablet was new.
iPad USB Port Repair

USB Port Repair

Do you need to bend the cord to a certain angle in order to get your device connected to the charger? Failure to connect your Tab to a PC is also an indication of the need for USB port repair. Our expert techs will enable you to power up your Apple tablet without any kind of interruption.
iPad Data Recovery and Back-up

iPad Data Recovery and Back-up

Have you unknowingly deleted some important data from your device? Are you worried about what your boss is going to say? With our expert technicians equipped with powerful tools and techniques, we can restore it. Let the gurus get you your deleted photos and videos back.

How Does It Work?

At Computers R Us, our iPad service is simple and begins with a free quote. To receive $5 off of your screen replacement for iPad or other repair services, please request a quote using the online form. One of our qualified technicians will provide you with price estimates based on the device's needs.

If you are unsure what the issue is with your device, you can book your consultation using the online form and we will arrange a consultation in the shop. Our team has serviced iPad water damage, home button, replaced batteries, and so on to bring many devices back to life. Regardless of the issues on your iPad, we are happy to help!

iPad Mini

If your iPad mini 2,3, or 4 is damaged and you can not get it back to its normal state. You can bring it to our store to make it fully functional once again. Our technicians can fix it at an affordable cost.

iPad Air

iPad Air line includes Air, Air 2, 3, and 4. The most common problems that we fix at our store every day are cracked displays, battery swaps, home button fixes, touch ID repairs, camera restorations, etc. We have a complete range of solutions for all the models.

iPad Pro

iPad Pro is the more recent version of the Apple tablet lineup. With its 11-inch and 12.9-inch variants, it leads all the other models with its 5 generations. Our certified experts are capable of completely fixing all the latest models of this lineup.


"Hands down BEST prices in the Kennesaw area!" - Matthew S.

"Owners are humble and passionate about the work and customers that they serve!" -Callie J.

"QUALITY work, I am very happy I chose to give these guys a shot. I usually go to Best Buy, but after calling around I came here and was more than happy with the work these guys did." -Desean J.


At Computers R Us, we offer guaranteed screen replacement for any iPad. Why use an iPad with an ugly shattered screen when you can get it replaced in less than half an hour? Our  expert technician will give your iPad that fresh out-of-the-Apple-package look. We fix hundreds of iPads each month and screen replacement is among the most common repairs here. Don't waste any more time straining you eyes looking at that broken screen. You'll be seeing your emojis and snaps in HD clear vision again in no time.


Frequently Asked Questions


The cost of fixing an iPad can vary depending on several factors. First, the type of damage your iPad has. Second, the model and age of your iPad. Third, the most important factor is where you take your iPad for service. And for the people of Kennesaw, Computer R Us provides pocket friendly iPad repair services. So call us today at (678) 851-9926 or fill out our online form for a free quote.

A: If you plan to continue using your iPad, we highly recommend having it restored rather than buying a new one. It will save you money and your iPad will operate like new anyway!

A: Absolutely! We can replace the charging port on any iPad. Other services we offer include iPad screen and replacing iPad battery. In addition to our iPad services, our team can repair any phone as well i.e. iPhone water damage repair.

A: We are located at 3600 Cherokee St NW #104, Kennesaw, GA 30144 in the same shopping center as Kennesaw Billiards and Pizza Hut across from the Valero gas station.