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Most people in Kennesaw, GA are very aware of the problem of viruses on computers, smartphones, tablets and other types of devices. Unfortunately, people routinely engage in behaviors online that put them at risk of infecting their internet connected device with a virus.

What is a Virus?

A virus in computer terms is a malware or harmful software that is able to replicate or copy itself over and over to infect specific files or area of a computer. Depending on the type of virus this can completely shut down your computer or it can modify or infect only specific programs, data files or other components.

Virus removal is the process of using specific tools and software to discover the virus and literally remove the code from your system. Not all viruses use the same types of tools and applications to remove the corrupt or infected files. It is essential to be able to identify the problem and then use the right tool to eliminate the virus.

Signs You Need Virus Removal Services

There are several different types of signs of viruses in computers. Some will result in more obvious signs while some may simply slow down your computer. The most noticeable signs of a virus include:

  • Poor computer performance in some or all programs
  • Data loss and error messages
  • Computer not responding or responding incorrectly
  • Constant crashes and freezing

Typically, most viruses come in emails, but they can also be installed on your computer through shared music or game files, free apps and system utilities on the internet, visiting websites that are infected with viruses or even in shared photos.

Protecting Your Computer

Most of the time people that end up with viruses are not using the right security products on their computers. At Computers R Us we can remove existing viruses and talk to you about the best type of firewalls, anti-spy and anti-virus types of software to consider based on your internet and computer use.

We can also help to configure your browser security settings to help you to protect your computer. If your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone is not performing correctly, bring it into our Kennesaw, GA store or give us a call at 678-851-9926.

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Are you experiencing:

  • Poor computer performance in some or all programs?
  • Data loss and error messages?
  • Computer not responding or responding incorrectly?
  • Constant crashes and freezing?
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Shopped around for iPhone screen replacement. They had the best deal by far. Only took 30 minutes and the shop has a chill atmosphere so it felt like even faster. Phone looks brand new and will def come here from now on for my computer and phone needs.