Computers R US is the top Android phone repair store in Kennesaw. Being committed to quality, we are the leading Android phone repair service provider. Everything from broken screens and battery replacements to software problems and water damage repairs is covered by our comprehensive services. 

The expertise of our staff sets us apart. Our professionals perform every repair with care and precision thanks to years of personal experience and Android technology understanding. We provide a solution for improving your phone's performance.

Quality repairs, quick service, and honest communication are the top priorities for our customers. You can feel confident that we will provide the best Android Phone repair in Kennesaw, GA, and you will get your device back to its perfect condition.


All of us will experience a broken screen or need a battery replacement for our phone at one point or another. That is just the nature of our tech-filled lifestyle. The good news, however, is that Computers R Us will fix ANY problem you are experiencing with your broken android phone within one business day.

Reliable Android Phone Repair Services

Revive Your Android, Relive Your Moments with The Best Repair Service in Kennesaw, GA

Our wide range of repair services will help you to quickly get your device back. We have experts for both tiny and large repairs, so your phone is in capable hands. Since we understand how to fix common issues, we are the top Android phone repair service.

Android Phone Battery Replacement

Do you find that the battery on your Android phone drains quickly? Constant charging and draining of batteries leads to degradation. For those looking to revive their smartphone, we provide excellent Android phone battery replacement. Our experts use quality batteries and proper replacement procedures to maintain your phone.
Android Phone Water Damage Repair

Android Phone Water Damage Repair

Have you got water inside your phone? Component and device failure can result from water damage. Android phone and Tablet Water damage repair is offered by our professionals including drying, cleaning, inspection, and repair. We use modern methods to get your water-damaged phone working again.
Android Phone Broken Screen Repair

Android Phone Broken Screen Repair

Are you having screen problems? Many times, displays are broken by accident drops. Fast and efficient Android phone broken screen repair service is offered at our store. We replace damaged screens with higher-quality ones, so your phone works again. The clear and crisp display of your phone is restored.
Android Phone Charging Port Repair

Android Phone Charging Port Repair

Does your Android phone not charge up well? Dust, trash, and internal damage can all harm the charging port. We excel in Android and iPhone charging port repair . Our experts replace and clean the charging ports. You can get your phone back in proper working condition. Join us today.
Android Phone Lock Button Replacement

Android Phone Lock Button Replacement

Has your lock button given you trouble? The lock button might become disabled with wear and tear. We specialize in Android phone lock button replacement with higher-quality ones. For easy locking and unlocking of your phone, we ensure that your lock button functions perfectly. Contact us and get rid of these issues.
Android Phone Camera Repair

Android Phone Camera Repair

If your camera fails to capture images well? Don't Worry! Dust, water, or hardware can all affect camera function. Therefore, Computers R Us technicians replace or clean the components in the cameras to resolve these problems. Once we fix your camera, you may take crisp, clear pictures once more. Get professional Android Phone camera repair to get the images back on your phone.

Other Services We Offer For Android Phone

LG Phone Repair

Our LG phone repair technicians ensure that your device works well. A damaged screen, failing battery, software issue, or other issue? Our expert specialists can fix it. Our modern repair methods and high-quality parts return your LG phone to its best condition. Our speedy, reliable repairs and customer satisfaction make us the best LG phone repair service..

Samsung Phone Repair

The expert technicians are able to fix broken screens, water-damaged devices, charging ports, and many more. Modern repair techniques combined with superior parts maintain your Samsung phone operating properly. Being the best Samsung phone repair service, we are committed to quality and customer care. Give us the job of quickly and effectively getting your Samsung phone back to work.

Motorola Phone Repair

Our Motorola phone repair experts can fix a lot of issues so that your device keeps running right. We have skilled professionals who can fix software issues and repair screens, batteries, and charge ports. We fix Motorola phones with high-quality parts and up-to-date methods. We are committed to being the best Motorola phone repair service and making sure our customers are happy. Rest assured that we will fix your phone quickly and correctly.


"Always available to fix my devices in a timely and professional manner. Would highly recommend for cell phone or computer repair. Excellent business and wonderful staff!!!" -Victoria V.

"Been coming to Computers R Us since Damien was repairing devices in his house. They’re always awesome & quick. I’ve had my phone screen repaired multiple times. Always say I hope I don’t have to see them again soon, but if I do, I know they’ll take good care of me." -Allison P.

"Called today to have my cell phone repaired. They luckily had the part and were able to fix it the same day. Dropped off the phone came back 1 1/2 hours later to a perfectly fixed phone. Fair price, great support! Will definitely be back!" -Jackie M.


What causes a phone's lock button to stop working?

The lock button might be disabled by internal issues or physical damage. Usually, it is resolved by replacing the button or internal component.

What should I do if my Android phone won't turn on?

Before performing a hard reset, try charging your phone for a while. If it keeps failing, look for professional help to identify and fix the issue.

What are common signs of software problems on an Android phone?

Signs include applications that crash, become ineffective, run slowly, and display error messages. Sometimes, these problems are resolved by factory resets or software upgrades.