Top-Rated iPhone Repair in Kennesaw, GA

Computer R Us is one of the local tech stores in Kennesaw that has all the solutions for your iPhone issues. Does not matter what model it has; our tech professionals will get it fixed for you at affordable prices. 

When the iPhones were first launched years ago, they were only limited to networking. Nowadays, years later, they are a key element in business meetings, notes, and professional work. Unfortunately, any errors and glitches in the iPhone cost our professional work a lot. 

But you do not have to worry; our team of professional technicians will repair it. You just have to simply contact us, and our certified experts will fix it in no time. We have proudly served in Kennesaw for years with efficient skills. So do not wait. Just call us for the quickest and top-rated iPhone repair in Kennesaw, GA.

Services We Offer

Professional Services

We have a team of competent and trained professionals who can fix all your iPhone issues, from charging ports to software updates. We use the specific equipment to resolve your iPhone needs in minimum time. And proudly! We are the best in this field

iphone backglass repair

iPhone Back Glass Repair

Has your iPhone's back glass been damaged with cracks or sharp edges? We will fix this issue by replacing the back glass with high-quality glass. However, we make sure that your device performance remains the same while installing a new glass cover. Do not worry; our team can fix these iPhone back glass repair issues using professional techniques.
iphone camera repair

iPhone Camera Repair

If your camera shows distorted pictures and you can't see the clear visuals, do not worry. We can resolve your iPhone camera repair problem quickly. Our professionals are experts at handling these camera issues by replacing cracked lenses with high-quality lenses to ensure HD-quality pictures and videos.

iPhone Charge Port Repair

For a long time, the charging port fails to charge the iPhone in standard time. To make sure that your charging port works smoothly, we fix this iPhone or iPad charge port repair issue by cleaning and replacing the damaged or loose ports. Our team can do this in the quickest way possible within your budget.
iphone power button repairing

iPhone Lock Button Replacement

Has your iPhone lock button not been showing a response? It is mostly due to damage that you can't unlock your iPhone smoothly. However, To get your iPhone lock Button replacement service, reach out to our store for the quickest and most efficient service, ensuring that your phone lock button works smoothly.
iphone volume button repairing

iPhone Volume Button Repair

When the volume button shows an error, it becomes very frustrating to increase or lower the volume system. Hence, our team of experts is ready to provide you with the best iPhone or android phone volume button repair services. We will fix this issue by diagnosing the internal issue and making sure that the button shows a quick response.

Broken Screen

At Computers R Us, we offer guaranteed screen replacement for any iPhone . Why use an iPhone with an ugly shattered screen when you can get it replaced in less than half an hour? Our expert technician will give your iPhone that fresh out-of-the-Apple-package look. We fix hundreds of phones each month and screen replacement is among the most common here at our shop. Don't waste any more time straining you eyes looking at that broken screen. You'll be seeing your emojis and snaps in HD clear vision again in no time.

Battery Replacement

No battery life? No problem! Bring us your dying iPhone and we will revive it with a new battery at a competitive price. We know the pain of constantly having to charge your phone throughout the day, and it's no way to live! Fix your battery and you'll be full of energy along with your phone. Call ahead for quick service: 678 851-9926, but if your phone died before you could call, you can pop by and visit us today! We are the best shop in the city with the most qualified and friendliest in-house team.

Home and Lock Button

Home and lock buttons are the most frequently broken parts on an iPhone. This is great news for you because is we have a ton of experience fixing them. A simple home and lock button replacement will have your iPhone looking back to normal in no time. Come into our home in Kennesaw to ask about our home and lock button replacement services for the iPhone or fill out the form on the side of the page for a free quote.
Charge Port and Lightning Connector Repair

Charge Port and Lightning Connector

A damaged iPhone charge connector can happen to anybody. Don’t let it stop you from coming to us. Whether's it's an old school iphone 4 or older port or a newer lighting connector, we have the tools for the job. Charge ports become damaged if the wrong charger is used or if you are too eager to charge your jaw-dropping new iPhone. You should always avoid forcefully shoving any charger into the charge port, but we all make mistakes, so don't fret :). If you find yourself in the broken charger predicaments, feel free to drop by our store in kennesae or give us a call for a quick estimate. The solution to an iPhone that won’t charge is only a phone call way!

Other Repairs We Offer

Not limited to only one model, at Computer R Us, we offer repair services for all kinds of iPhone models. We see all kinds of iPhone model repair issues at our store, and now we are the experts at this. You do not have to go through the long repair process of Apple; you can simply bring your iPhone model to us. We will fix any kind of issue and serve you quickly.

Apple iPhone 13

Apple iPhone 13 is good at brighter display features, but it can still catch bugs and battery health issues. We diagnose and resolve these iPhone 13 issues with great precision.

Apple iPhone 14

Apple makes the iPhone 14 dust-resistant with deep fusion. But we often see overheating and connectivity issues from our customers. Our trained team will fix it for you with an effective solution.

Apple iPhone 15

The latest iPhone 15 of Apple comes with the latest faster chip. However, it glitches and shows unresponsive apps and wifi connection errors. We are experts at handling these minor concerns. Hence, you will get it repaired quickly.


Drop your worries about quality, and trust us. We only use high-quality replacement parts so that your iPhone can run smoothly for a longer run.

Yes, we do. You just tell us about your iPhone issues, and we will get it repaired one by one in no time.

At our Computer R Us, our experts are trained to solve any kind of water damage concerns with fully efficient skills.