Best Pocket Projector in 2021

Best Pocket Projector in 2021

Guide to Best Pocket Projectors

The Best Pocket Projector is a great tool to have to accompany our modern technology, letting you project any media from any screen onto the wall for everyone to view. And this technology has emerged in the form of the Best Pocket Projector. This is even something you can enjoy on your own to take a break from staring at a common screen like your phone or typical television.

Eliminating the parameters of small screens and helping you avoid huddling around your TV, a media projector can easily be the catalyst to you becoming the life of the party, professionally help you showcase an important presentation, or turn your living room into a home theater for family and friends. That being said, big and bulky projectors are a thing of the past, and technological improvements have allowed brands to downsize, creating digital media projectors that are smaller than ever before that are still able to pack quite a punch.

A smaller, pocket-sized projector means fewer limitations on where you can enjoy all of your favorite media. These mini media projectors are simultaneously small enough to pack into your computer bag, and some of them will even slide easily into your pocket so you can truly take your favorite movies and media anywhere you go.

Your portable mini projector will easily connect to your favorite devices, either by input cables or Bluetooth. Advanced portable projectors have operating systems that allow you to connect directly with your favorite streaming service, like Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu, saving the stress of extra devices. There’s no need to plan parties around board games or crowd around a small TV.

Instead, watch the game from a massive 100-inch screen (or larger), utilize built-in speakers for excellent sound quality, and take your entertainment anywhere you go. With a portable mini projector, you can easily set up a screen in your own backyard, turning your house into the ultimate party spot. A portable projector is truly the centerfold of home entertainment, letting you turn your single viewing pleasure into a group entertainment event. These options for portable pocket projectors are the best around.

In terms of sound quality, resolution, connection options, and of course, portability and size, the is ahead of the pack. Its design is slim enough to fit in your pocket or non-invasively into your bag, and its size does very little to limit its capabilities in relation to larger projectors. When compared to its full-size contemporaries, the LG PH550 has a long bulb life, excellent sound output, and best of all, takes up very little space, meaning this projector goes where you go. Impress coworkers or friends with this projector next time you’re called on to present or entertain, and enjoy the confidence of knowing that you have all the power you could ever need to be packed in one compact design.

Best Pocket Projector for Environmental Consciousness

Best Pocket Projector

Elephas Mini Projector

This is Mother Earth’s favorite mini projector, offering incredibly low power consumption and an EcoCare LED bulb that saves up to 70% energy compared to other leading brands. Even if you’re not conscious of the environmental impact of your current devices, this projector is a great place to start.

A connection with an incredible range lets you watch anything you want from any device, including HDMI input, VGA jack, and USB hookups. The options allow you the peace of mind that if you’re going to project something, you will be able to. The projector will easily stream movies from your computer or phone and will connect to your gaming console for action-filled fun. Easily connect your favorite external speakers with an audio port.

This projector easily slides into an overnight bag or backpack. The massive screen size makes it perfect for entertaining large groups or throwing parties. The projection screen can be adjusted from 50 to 130 inches. Contrast levels are dynamic and ensure that you will be able to project a sharp image, and HD 1080p resolution is as smooth as butter, making it a great option if you’re looking for the best pocket projector for movies. This one is our top pick in Best Pocket Projector.

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Best Pocket Projector for iPhone

New1 Mini Portable Pocket Projector

New1 offers one of the smallest pocket projectors on the market, making it a very desirable option. At just about the size of a mobile phone and weighing just over half a pound, you can slide the New1 Mini Pocket Projector in your pocket, purse, or backpack and take it anywhere the party goes, making it the best pocket projector for iPhone.

With a projection distance of 3-10 feet with no downscaling or compression, you can enjoy a screen that scales up to 120 inches. Best of all, the projector runs on an app-friendly operating system so that you can easily connect to your favorite streaming services like YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix to watch your favorite shows. Contrast ratings of 2000:1 give you sharp color that is accurate and easy on the eyes.

The OSRAM LED lamp last over 30,000 hours, so no need to worry about changing the bulb. A built-in 4200 mAh battery gives you 3 hours of continuous streaming time before you need to recharge. The projector’s battery easily charges on a 2V or 5V power bank, so you get increased mobility. Take this projector anywhere, indoors and out. This one is our first runner-up in Best Pocket Projector.

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Best Pocket Projector for Gaming

Best Pocket Projector

LG PH550 Mini Projector

This portable projector brings the reliability of LG to the table, packed into a small projector that is easy to toss in your bag and go. The high-definition projection offers a screen that spans up to 100 inches. Five hundred lumens make this bright enough for watching any movie or show in a dark space.

This LG Mini Projector doesn’t feature built-in speakers but instead offers Bluetooth sound out compatibility that lets you wirelessly connect to your favorite sound devices, like Bluetooth speakers or home theater headphones. A built-in battery provides 2.5 hours of life, perfect for a gaming session which is why the LG PH550 is considered one of the best pocket projectors for gaming.

Easily connect to any device, including your laptop, phone, camera, or console, with wireless connectivity and an Android operating system. Considering its size and battery life, this mini projector is excellent for small groups or entertainment on the go. This one is our second runner-up in Best Pocket Projector.

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Best Pocket Projector for Compact, Quality Sound

Best Pocket Projector

RIF6 Cube Pico Projector

If the other projectors mentioned so far are considered pocket-sized, the RIF6 is ultra-portable. This is an incredibly dynamic and portable projector, measuring up to about the size of a keychain trinket. At only two inches, the RIF6 Cube will go anywhere you need it to go. You can quickly lighten up the room with sound and color with the 1080p resolution and 50-lumen brightness.

The Cube reads SD cards or can connect to any device for instant entertainment. A built-in speaker makes this projector truly superior since it eliminated the need for any other device and took up only two square inches of space. For being so small, the speaker is much more impressive than you’d imagine.

The projected screen expands up to 120 inches without losing resolution, and the LED lamp offers you over 20,000 hours of playtime. One single charge will get you through an entire movie, and USB charging capabilities make it easy to charge up on the go with only a laptop or battery bank. This tiny projector makes a considerable impression, letting you watch your favorite shows or movies no matter where life takes you. This one is our third runner-up in Best Pocket Projector.

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Best Pocket Projector for User-Friendliness

Apeman Upgraded Mini Projector

This mini projector is even more powerful the Apeman’s original, offering 2200 lumens and a high contrast rate that produces excellent quality in a dark room. The projector provides an easy multimedia connection that will connect to your phone, laptop, or other media device through HDMI, USB, or SD ports. The built-in lens offers 40,000 hours of life, so it shouldn’t need to be changed even with frequent use.

This projector comes with a built-in remote that lets you skip, pause, and play at your leisure. The entire projector weighs about two pounds and is easy to pack up and carry with you. A built-in speaker produces excellent sound quality, so you don’t have to bring any external speakers to get the most out of your movie or TV shows. 15-degree manual keystone correction helps you fix distorted images to ensure premium picture quality every time. This is one of the more cost-efficient portable projectors on the market, helping you get the best value out of your entertainment purchase.

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Best Pocket Projector for On-The-Go Entertainment

Best Pocket Projector

Magnasonic Pico Projector

This pico projector by Magnasonic is the world’s smallest projector featuring DLP technology, with 640×360 resolution and a contrast ratio of 1100:1. The projector is only about 4×3 inches, meaning it slides easily into any bag when you’re on the run. This projector is excellent for small to medium crowds and lets you easily entertain with your favorite movies and shows with a projected screen size of up to 60 inches.

Connect the Magnasonic to your phone, tablet, computer, or any other device through one of the many import connectors, including HDMI, micro HDMI, MHL, and more. The 21oo mAh battery will get you through an entire movie before needing to recharge, and powering up is easy with the USB cable. Recharge from your computer or portable charging bank, so you can use this projector outdoors and on the go. The internal speakers are great for a small room, and the external audio jack lets you connect your own speakers for booming sound.

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What to Prioritize

If you’re shopping for a pocket projector, portability is a priority, but what about the rest of the features? These features can make or break even the most popular brands of portable projectors.

Connection Options:

The most sought-after portable projectors offer multiple input options so that you can use all of your devices, some even in different ways. For example, your phone should connect through Bluetooth, but you might also want to plug it in to avoid any sort of wireless connection issues. Cord options are important too. Almost all projectors nowadays have a full-size HDMI input. Whether a projector has a slot for a USB thumb drive or internal apps also plays into the abilities of every digital media projector.

Sound Quality: 

Audio fidelity is rarely a strength for mini projectors, especially the smaller they get. Because of their small design, these projectors often have to rely on a single low-powered speaker for audio. Larger, high-end projectors can put out some serious sound, but the audio on some of the cheaper projectors is going to have a quality that is far too thin and poorly defined. Most mini projectors come with a 3.5mm audio output or Bluetooth connectivity so that they can connect to external speakers for better sound quality. If you’re looking for the best portable projector under $100, you need to be willing to sacrifice audio fidelity. That being said, a few of the options on this list have great sound options despite your size and weigh heavily on which device is believed to be the best of the best.

Visuals/Resolution Output:

Resolution varies by projector but is usually weighted comparably to a level of high-definition televisions, most commonly around 1080p. Most low-resolution projectors can still display HD content like Blu-ray movies and video games, but because the image has to be downsized, image quality generally steps back. Poor visuals are much more noticeable on a large, projected screen than they are in a smaller space, so if a projector doesn’t carry a great resolution output within its specs, you’re going to be bothered by it unavoidably. Size doesn’t limit a device’s output entirely, however, and one option on this list not only has a fantastic resolution but also exceeds in the categories listed above. You may think connection options, high-quality sound, and HD visuals are tough to manage in a pocket projector, but one option in this list is in a league of its own.

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Top Choice

LG PH550 Mini Projector