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Cell Phone Repair

Cell Phone Repair can save you a lot of trouble. With the inherent convenience and access, our smartphones give us today, it’s nearly impossible to be without one at the ready.  However, disaster can strike!  And when it does, our first reaction is the realization it may be an expensive replacement. Not to mention the potential loss of important information stored that you may not be able to retain.  A cell phone repair may be the exact solution you need, offering you a cost-efficient way to keep your device and often results in all of your data is completely restored. We offer kennesaw cell phone repair on virtually any brand available, so bring it in and we’ll have it back in hand in a hurry.

Buying New Isn’t Your Only Option

Unfortunately, as our mobile phones become more advanced, they also tend to become more breakable.

The glass screens on our smartphones often shatter at the slightest drop, buttons get stuck or stop responding, the camera lens gets cracked, etc. Also, the fact that our phones have essentially turned into mini computers means that there can be a whole host of more technical, complex things to go wrong, like software issues or viruses.

If you’re experiencing the chaos of a non-functioning or partially broken phone, don’t panic just yet. We are here to help! Whether you have an iPhone, Android, Windows phone, Samsung, or other types, let Computer R Us help with your phone repair!

Versatile and Local Phone Repair Solutions

We service a variety of hardware issues (like headphone jacks, broken screens, home button malfunctions, etc.)

Just because your phone has stopped working, or worse, you have accidentally broken it (invalidating any warranties you may have had) doesn’t mean you need to go through the expense of replacing your phone.

Cell phone repair is a perfectly practical option that saves you both money and time, not to mention all the personal, irreplaceable content that you have stored on your phone. Whatever the problem, Computers R Us is here for you with our trained, experienced, and certified staff 7-days a week!

If you are in and around Kennesaw, Canton, Marietta, Acworth, Cartersville or the Woodstock area, we can service any type of smartphone you might have:

iPhone Repair

You don’t have to go to the closest apple store to get your iPhone repaired. Our staff is intimately familiar with the hardware and software of the iPhone and can get yours back in working order in no time.

Drop your phone in some water and have water damage? Drop it on the pavement and have a cracked screen? No problem! We can take care of it!

Worried that the damage has resulted in lost pictures and data? Nothing to worry about! Our staff is trained experts in data retrieval. After we repair the damages, we’ll get your priceless pictures and content back for you.

Have jammed buttons or broken headphone jacks or charging ports? We can take care of it.

Bottom line, if your iPhone is on the fritz for any of a hundred plus reasons, don’t take it to an Apple store or to your cell phone service provider, where you will likely be pressured to buy a new product or pay unreasonably high prices – bring it to us and we will have it fixed in record time for a highly competitive price. Click here for more info.

Android Repair

We are not only iPhone experts, our staff can handle any of your Android needs as well!

Experiencing trouble with the speakers, or need a new battery installed? We have you covered!

Samsung Repair

This includes the Samsung and Samsung Galaxy phones, infamous for their delicate glass screens. We offer screen replacement for your Samsung (or any smartphone) in record time. Our customers have raved about how we have often been able to finish screen repair or screen replacement in 30 minutes or less when they bring their phones into our store.

Windows Phone repair

Though a lesser-known smartphone, we offer full services for your Windows Phone as well.

Is your screen broken? Not getting a signal? Let our staff take care of it for you!

Service Variety

When you come to Computers R Us for your cell phone repairs, you can be confident that our expert staff can handle a vast array of mobile phone ailments.

Whether you are having issues with your hardware or software, and whether it is incidental wear and tear or some sort of accident (we all know someone who’s accidentally dropped their phone in the toilet or sink), we can take care of it for you.

Let us help you with:

Cracked Screen

Smartphones are notorious for getting cracks or utterly shattering even from the smallest of falls. And let’s face it, we’ve all dropped our phones at least a time or two.

If this happens to you, don’t think you just must grin and bear it! Besides making it impossible to read your screen, the cracks and broken glass can actually cut you!

We can fix a broken screen at a very reasonable price and in record time. Many of our customers have walked in with their cracked screen and been surprised to have their phone returned with a flawless screen in one hour or less.

Screen Replacement

We don’t merely do patchwork when you need screen repair. We completely replace your screen, regardless of what type of smartphone you have.

Screen Protectors

Let’s face it – we all drop our phones. Wouldn’t it be better to install a screen protector rather than continuously having to get your screen replaced? Let us help you protect your phone by installing a screen protector for you. Even if you haven’t experienced a cracked screen yet, why wait for the inevitable to happen?

Water Damage

We have all heard the stories – a friend who was cruising Facebook while using the bathroom, a family member who was trying to take a picture while they were canoeing, or someone trying to answer their phone while doing the dishes.

Whatever the water source, we know the phone-frying power water has on a phone, especially when that phone gets fully submerged for any length of time.

But, believe it or not, it doesn’t have to be the end of your phone! Our team has expertise in handling water damage and bringing your phone back to life. Even if it seems like data (those precious pictures!) has been lost, our team can often retrieve it for you.

If you have recently dropped your phone in the sink, don’t despair just yet! Bring it into Computers R Us and let us take a look.

Dead Battery

Smartphones are infamous for it – not long after purchasing your phone, its battery life starts to shrink exponentially. Next thing you know, you have to charge it every couple of hours just so it doesn’t die on you.

You don’t have to wait until you are ready to buy a new phone to have a long battery life again. We have the equipment and knowledge to install new phone batteries for you.

Don’t put up with the inconvenience and frustration of constantly having to keep your phone on the charger while using it. Come on in and get a fresh battery installed today. It will be like getting a brand-new phone for a fraction of the price!

Built-in Cameras

Oftentimes, our smartphones are our only cameras. All life’s precious moments are captured and stored on our phones. It’s a part of the reason we are so dependent on them.

As such, it is a travesty when the picture lens or function on our phone starts to malfunction. But just because it is the camera element of your phone doesn’t mean we don’t know how to fix it!

If your camera lens on your smartphone has gotten busted or quit working on you, bring it in and we can get it back in working order before any of life’s moments pass you by.

Speaker Issues

Just like our cell phones have become our cameras, they have become our stereos as well. Most of us listen to our music, podcasts, and videos on our phones. So we need our speakers in excellent condition.

If you are noticing the sound quality on your phone going downhill or failing altogether, we’d be happy to take care of that for you!

Broken Buttons

There are few problems as frustrating as when the buttons on your phone quite working or get jammed. This is especially true if the home button fails, because that is the gateway to the rest of your phone.

Our staff are efficient at unjamming buttons and even home button replacement. Don’t get frustrated! Bring your phone in to us and we’ll fix it up.

Headphone Jacks & Charging Ports

Sometimes a simple drop of the phone can result in not only a broken screen but in a bent or damaged headphone jack or charging port.

Whatever the cause, if you’re having issues with either your headphone jack or charging ports, we can repair it for you.

We can Fix it

Cell Phone Repair
Cell Phone Repair

Over 16 years in business, we’ve run into and repaired nearly every handheld device that’s come on the market.  We are intimately familiar with all the top brands and many that are unfamiliar to most.  Whether you need a cracked screen replaced, some virus removal, a button unjammed, a software malfunction resolved or any other technical issue, we’ll have you sorted out quickly and at a highly competitive price.

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Cell Phone Repair

We Have the Expertise!

From iPhone to Samsung and everything in-between, we have the expertise needed to get your cell phone up-and-running again no matter what the problem is, including but not limited to the following repairs and services:

  • Built-in cameras
  • Buttons
  • Charging ports
  • Virus removal
  • Software / OS
  • Headphone jacks
  • Cracked screens
  • Speakers
  • We also install new batteries and screen protectors
I have had CRU (Damien Dagle) repair a few things. Cracked iPhone and MacBook wire that fried out. Honest, fast, reliable, etc. I will never take my stuff elsewhere. His prices can't be beat either.


Shopped around for iPhone screen replacement. They had the best deal by far. Only took 30 minutes and the shop has a chill atmosphere so it felt like even faster. Phone looks brand new and will def come here from now on for my computer and phone needs.