Damien Daigle, Computers R Us Owner, Featured on Marietta Stories Podcast

Damien Daigle, Computers R Us Owner, Featured on Marietta Stories Podcast

Curious about how Computers R Us started? Interested in learning more about our owner? Then we have a podcast for you!

Damien Daigle recently made an appearance on Marietta Stories, where he spoke about his career before Computers R Us and how he built this family business up from the bottom.

This feel-good story is one of hard work, perseverance, overcoming challenges, and dedication to building a business that is a service to its community. 

Marietta Stories is hosted by veteran podcast Bill Nowicki who dives deep to tell heartwarming, sad, and funnny stories from the people that make the town of Marietta, Georgia a great place to call home. Here is its description of this episode:

When Damien Daigle was filled with wonder the first time he opened a computer. The fan, the boards, the wires, everything he saw amazed him. 

But he needed to learn about life the hard way. A failed 3 month trip to Louisiana, where he was a Walmart greeter, a return home and eventually he found himself working on computers and learning to solve seemingly insurmountable problems.

Hear the rest of Damien’s amazing story, including his journey to owning and providing for his family through his Computer R Us small business. Hint: he provides terrific customer service at a fair price.

You can listen to the podcast right here:

Or you can check it out on iTunes or download it directly to your device here.