Travel Adapter that you always need – Stay Charged Abroad

Travel Adapter that you always need – Stay Charged Abroad

There are currently 15 different plug sockets around the globe. For travelers, this can be both daunting and frustrating so you always need a good Travel Adapter.

Planning a trip can already be stressful without worrying about international plugs. But, if you want to keep your phone charged so it can take gorgeous pictures of your journey, you’ll need a travel adapter.

Read on to find out why you need a travel adapter, and the best kinds to get to suit your needs.

You’re a World Traveler

It’s one thing traveling to a different country and getting an adapter for just one country’s type of outlets. It’s another if you are planning on traveling to multiple countries in just one trip.

Why does that make any difference? Well, coming from fellow travelers like you, we’ve been in situations where, for example, we’ve traveled from England and then taken a weekend trip to Amsterdam. While we had the adapter for the English plugs, we needed one that would work in Amsterdam as well.

As we were in England, we could only get an adapter that changed from English to Dutch. The result? A tower of plugs just to get our phones charged.

If you just get an international travel adapter, a situation just like this can be easily averted. There are many different types of adapters, like this one, that can be used in just about any country. 

The One You Get Is Better Than Whatever They Have at the Airport

Look, we’ve all been there. After weeks of planning and packing, you’ve totally forgotten to get a travel adapter and so you frantically grab one at the airport before take off.

While the airport has a fair selection of adapters, chances are, you’re going to be paying at least double for the simplest types of adapters.

Remember to get one before going to the airport to help save you time and money. With the internet at your fingertips, you can find one for the place you are going to at the price you want.

With so many different types, you can also see what size you will want before your trip as well. Bigger adapters might be better if you need plugs for multiple countries, but a smaller one will be better if you are just going to one place.

You Don’t Want to Fry Your Hair Dryer

Another important thing to remember is that adapters may only change the plug and not the amount of voltage.

Most places outside the United States and Canada use 220-240 volts which is almost twice as what we use. This means that your favorite hair dryer may not work or completely fry if you are not careful.

An easy fix is to buy a voltage converter with your plug adapter. This way you can continue to use your electronics without any worry.

Travel Adapter Smarts

As you can see, buying a travel adapter is a smart way to travel the globe. With so many different types to choose from, you can find one that perfectly suits your needs.

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