Your Cracked Phone Screen on Your Own

Why You Should Not Repair Your Cracked Phone Screen on Your Own

Accidents happen. It might as well be a scientific law—no matter how hard you try, accidents are unavoidable. With our increasing connectivity and phone use, many of these accidents now tend to involve our Cracked Phone Screen. A shattered phone screen renders a phone unusable but usually doesn’t damage the functionality of the internal mechanisms. Getting a phone screen repaired by an expert can save the cost of buying a completely new phone.

Cracked Phone Screen

With the rate at which phone screens shatter, many companies have begun to offer do-it-yourself screen repair kits. These kits “allow” the novice to become an expert, spending less money and less time. This DIY option is incredibly risky. Smartphones are intricate and complex; these kits often don’t come with all the proper tools to ensure a careful fix, and without the experience of a proper phone screen repairman, you could seriously damage crucial parts of the phone. Phone repair requires patience, expertise, a sterile environment, and steady hands. There are many reasons not to try to fix your screen on your own:

1. Do-It-Yourself Repair Equals Risk

Doing your own phone screen repair risks all the data on your phone. Most people don’t think to continually back up phone data, and botched self-repair can erase valuable pictures, contacts, and app information. Furthermore, it’s easy to hurt yourself with sharp and tiny tools. The best way to change Cracked Phone Screen if you can.

2. You Don’t Stand to Gain Much

DIY might be the cheapest, but the local repair shops are usually only about $50 more. Repair shops promise a more seamless and quick repair than DIY with a fraction of the risk.

3. Finding the Right Part is Tough

Lots of options are out there for replacement parts, and to the novice, they all may seem the same. Manufacturers don’t want it to be easy to find parts, since easy access to parts leads to more DIY fixes and fewer phones being sent in for repair. It takes a long time to find the proper parts, and once you do find them, they’re expensive.

4.It’s Hard to Find a Sterile Work Space

Small particles can get stuck inside of a phone when the screen is removed. An area that you think is safe to work on may be have food crumbs, pet hair, or other invasive materials that can impact the device.  Creating a legitimately sterile workplace to minimize the chance of accidents and contamination can be difficult, and it can be hard to know if a space is fully sterile or not.

5.It May Not Be a Permanent Fix for your Cracked Phone Screen

A DIY fix probably won’t stay fixed as reliably as a professionally repaired screen. Without proper tools and technology to best tighten and secure a screen, it may be more liable to brake again, leading to another costly fix. Avoid the hassle and the emotional rollercoaster by getting it done right the first time.

Now What?

DIY phone screen repair is not worth the risk. To ensure the best chance of preserving phone data and value, take your phone to a professional screen repair shop.  For screen repair in Kennesaw, consider Computers R Us Atlanta for a comprehensive fix.