5 Signs You Might Need a new phone battery-On Its Last Charge

5 Signs You Might Need a new phone battery-On Its Last Charge

The day you have dreaded is finally here. Your phone battery is dead and you will need New Phone Battery. With appointments to make, friends to call, and social media to look at, you don’t have time to deal with a dead phone battery.

Don’t let this scenario happen to you. There are ways to tell if you need a new phone battery before the inevitable eternal black screen.

If you are feeling like your battery may need to be replaced, read on to see 5 signs you might need a new phone battery.

1. Loses Its Battery Charge Faster

Your phone battery used to be able to go all day and hold its charge. Now, you’re on your morning break and your phone’s battery is already down to 30%.

This may be a sign that your phone needs a new battery. Sometimes, using your phone for video call and different apps may be the reason your battery is losing so much charge. But if you notice the charge is going down without even using it, your battery is likely dying.

2. Your Phone and Charger Are BFF’s

When you bring your phone, do you also have to bring the charger as well? If your phone only works when it is plugged into its charger, your phone needs a new battery.

Not only is this frustrating for you, but it’s a sign that your phone battery doesn’t even hold any stored energy. Getting a new phone battery can help alleviate this problem quickly.

3. Hot, Hot, Hot

Since your phone battery is holding in energy, it only makes sense that the battery will get hot while it charges.

This heat will be shielded by the battery. So, if your phone feels hot to the touch, it is time to get a new one phone battery. Check your phone’s heat every time it charges to make sure it is not getting too hot.

4. Bulging Battery

Is your phone’s shape a little wonky? Is there a noticeable bulge or swelling of your phone? If so, you need to get a new phone battery right away.

Be careful when using your phone as a bad battery has the potential to burst. It is recommended that you see a professional and get your phone fixed as soon as possible.

5. Dead Phone Walking

We know, this is probably super obvious, but it still needs to be said. If your phone does not turn on, no matter if you plug it in and let it charge, your battery is dead.

Again, this does not mean you need to buy a brand new phone. Instead, bring your phone in to get a new battery, and your phone will be revived in no time.

It’s Time to Get a New Phone Battery

If you’ve experienced any of these signs, it is probably time for a new phone battery. While this may sound expensive and time-consuming, it really isn’t!

Just because your phone battery is dead, doesn’t mean you have to buy a new phone. Bring it to our shop and we can install a new phone battery in no time at all!

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