6 Ways to Extend Smartphone Battery Life

6 Ways to Extend Smartphone Battery Life

Preserving smartphone battery life seems like an uphill battle and there is always been the discussion of Extend Smartphone Battery. As the world around us grows more virtual and intertwined, more and more apps and features demand screen time, and global culture are becoming more forgiving (and even demanding) of the interconnectivity that constant phone use provides. It seems like phones need to be charged every day or we risk a total shutdown. While this might be indicative of a legitimate issue, most of us are just overworking our phone batteries through inefficient use. These six tips and tricks can help you extend your battery life:

Extend Smartphone Battery
  1. Turn Off Background Refresh to Extend Smartphone Battery

Most phones come automatically activated with a setting to constantly check and refresh apps, even when they aren’t open. Phone power and the battery are being spent unnecessarily refreshing apps so the most updated information is immediately available the next time you open it. This takes up a lot of battery life for an unneeded task.

  1. Reduce Screen Brightness to Extend Smartphone Battery

Creating that ultra-bright screen takes a lot of power. An hour-long test saw that an iPhone spent 54% less battery when the screen was on minimum brightness as compared with maximum brightness. Most smartphones offer an auto-adjust feature that brightens and dims the screen depending on the brightness of the surroundings. This feature will save your battery life and make smartphone use more convenient.

  1. Lower the Screen Timeout to Extend Smartphone Battery

Smartphones automatically turn to rest mode after either a certain period of nonuse or from being untouched after a notification wakes up the screen. This period can usually be set anywhere from 15 seconds to 2 minutes. By keeping this period short, less battery will be wasted while the phone is not in use, leading to more battery life saved. This feature will usually be found under the ‘display’ section of your settings, and with a variety of options, you can play around with the shortest time setting you’re comfortable with.

  1. Install an Ad-Blocker

It might seem like ad-blockers are just for desktops and laptops, but many ad-block apps are available for smartphones. These apps work to block power-demanding advertisements that commonly popped up on an internet browser. Ad blockers have been shown to adjust the browser’s battery usage from 18% to 9%.

  1. Adjust Your Email

Some people need constant email updates; other people aren’t as connected to their email. Regardless of your preference, phones come with an automatic mail fetching option called push turned on. This feature “pushes” emails to appear on your phone as soon as they’re received by your inbox. While this is crucial for a worker on the move, push might not be worth the battery power it demands you.  Check your mail settings to turn off or adjust push and save battery.

  1. Get Your Phone Fixed

A rapidly dying phone battery might be indicative of an actual technical issue with your phone. If your battery isn’t getting any better with these tips and battery drainage becomes unmanageable, consider bringing your phone to a phone fixing agency to have it inspected. For phone repair in Kennesaw, consider the services offered by Computers R Us Atlanta.