What’s Coming in iPhone 8?

What’s Coming in iPhone 8 is a little soon to say for sure, but the release is scheduled for the fall of 2017 – possibly at the CTIA/GSMA SuperMobility show in San Francisco. However, if leaks reported in Forbes are correct, you should start stuffing the piggy bank for a $1,000+ case of sticker shock – but there might be wireless charging and a 2700 mAh battery. That might not make you say, “Sounds legit!” and send you out to rifle the sofa for spare change in the cushions, but OLED screens – 160 million of them are on order from-

Wait for it.

The OLED screens are being made by Samsung.

So you have the specs for a great screen, but one made by Apple’s biggest competitor. Shades of “This is our getting along the shirt.” Rumors tease a bezel-less 5.8-inch screen and a radical departure for the casing – it might be made of glass. That would be pretty impressive! Other leaks tease a class back, but a stainless steel frame to whole the whole thing together.

What's Coming in iPhone 8

The new processor is likely to be an A11 Fusion, and we can still hope for a boost in RAM to 3 and 4 gigabytes. Security upgrades are also a possibility, with a new feature that could take a thief’s photo and fingerprints, and a retinal scanner like Samsung’s is a possibility – though as slow as Samsung’s is, Apple would really have to beef up the performance. It is the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, so Apple is all but required to go really big.

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It’s the best guess that Apple knew they were rolling out a less-than-stellar phone with the 7 and 7 Plus, just to up the Wow Factor for the iPhone 8 10th anniversary edition. They might have been using the diehard Apple user base as beta testers for some of the new wireless features as well. Like it or not, we are all beta testers when it comes to our favorite devices. More leaks will be afoot in the coming months, but we can keep having high hopes for the next iPhone. For today enjoy What’s Coming in iPhone 8?