How to Find the Best Phone Repair Shop

How to Find the Best Phone Repair Shop

Find the Best Phone Repair Shop

Cracking or breaking your phone is never fun. Unfortunately, these things happen all the time—cell phones are delicate and get dropped every day. If you are looking for a fix rather than a replacement, then chances are you’re looking for a Best Phone Repair Shop. Whether you need a screen replacement, you have water damage, or issues of other kinds, it’s important to choose someone who is reliable and good at what they do.

Best Phone Repair Shop

Some individuals rush into getting their phone fixed and get severely ripped off or their phone is returned with more problems than it had initially. There is no need to worry—we have the ultimate guide on how to find the best phone repair shop. Before taking your phone to the first repair shop you find, be sure to follow these steps:

Compare Prices

It’s important to catch the schemers before you walk into their store. Some phone repair shops jack their prices way up because of the “maintenance”, or they claim screen replacements are more expensive these days. If you feel like they are charging an unreasonable amount of money for something like a screen replacement, call three other repair shops and ask them for their prices. It’s likely if their price is more expensive than the other repair shops, you don’t want to go to them, even if they claim it’s because they are of higher quality. Choose the repair shop with the median price and go from there.

Helpful tip: Most screen replacements and repairs should not cost more than $150.

Reviews Are Everything

Customer testimonials and reviews are key to finding the best phone repair shop. There are three places you can check for reviews: their website, Facebook, and Google reviews. If they don’t have any customer testimonials apparent on an online forum, they are not trustworthy!

A good repair shop will have at least 20 plus reviews, that is if they are positive. Customer comments are important for any business. They establish credibility and offer the customer a sense of safety with choosing their company. The reviews will help give you an idea of what you will receive from them such as a long wait-time to get your iPhone returned, or efficient and quick service, or if they are expensive or not. Most of the important information you need to make a good decision lies within customer reviews.


Credibility includes three main aspects: social media presence of some sort, a website, and reviews. These all come into play together like a team that will establish whether this phone repair shop is what they say they are.

If you find a nearby phone repair shop but they have no Facebook, website, or customer reviews, it’s likely they are illegally claiming themselves as licensed repair workers, or they are scammers. If they only have a website but no Facebook or reviews, then perform a thorough digging session on their website and determine whether you think they are trustworthy. It’s not a bad thing if they don’t have all three, but if you want the best, then choose the one with all these points of credibility.

Repair Time

No one wants to wait for more than 24-hours to get their phone back! Who can even live without their phone for more than one hour? If you are looking for experts, they should be able to repair the screen or any water damage within an hour. You should be able to go walk around and shop for a while before coming back and picking up your repaired phone. However, there are many repair shops that keep people waiting hours. This could mean they are taking on too many repairs at once, or they aren’t as experienced as they claimed to be.

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