3 Cell Phone Repair Myths Everyone Should Know

3 Cell Phone Repair Myths Everyone Should Know

That slow-motion moment of watching your phone tumble and turn as it moves closer and closer to its impending doom on the unforgiving floor—we’ve all been there. Best Buy’s Geek Squad even reports that 88% of people who reported an accident with their phone said they dropped it. It seems like there’s nothing you can do but accept the fate of your precious piece of technology and hope the damage isn’t too bad after the blow. Let’s have a look at some Cell Phone Repair Myths.

Once the phone is assessed, it can be easy to rush into whatever quick fix the internet promises will do wonders for your phone. The truth of the matter is that there are many myths floating around on the internet about phone repairs. Some of this misinformation can cause more damage to your phone or mean the difference between a timely repair and bringing it to the experts a few moments too late to be saved.

To help clear up any false information floating around and protect both you and your favorite small screen, we’ve gathered up three cell phone repair myths that everyone should know.

Cell Phone Repair Myths

Myth 1: A water-damaged phone should be put in rice immediately.

This is one of the most widespread myths out there. It’s often the go-to fix for any water damage. The issue is that it can actually cause more harm than good. The starchy residue that the rice leaves behind on the phone can corrode the motherboard over time. Another risk is if the grains are small enough or break off into pieces, they can get stuck in the charging port or auxiliary jack. If water damages your iPhone or other smartphone and you’re in the Kennesaw area, your best bet is to bring it into Computers R Us right away for a speedy and successful fix. This is our top-picked Cell Phone Repair Myths of a day.

Cell Phone Repair Myths

Myth 2: A cracked screen is superficial and only affects the external aesthetic of the phone.

While a cracked screen definitely makes a statement as to how well you take care of your phone, it damages more than just your reputation. Over time, a cracked phone screen left untreated can cause internal issues that can lead to eventual total loss of function. The backlight can malfunction, dead spots and dark spots can begin to take over the screen making it difficult to see, and the touch screen sensors could get permanently desensitized.

Myth 3: Repair shops cannot be trusted to properly repair a broken cell phone.

This is one of the most dangerous myths, because if it is believed, it could mean spending hundreds of dollars on a new phone or turning it into the manufacturer only to have them tell you they don’t have the ability to fix the damage.

While most technology repair centers do not require special certification for technicians, it does not mean they don’t know what they’re doing. Experience in the field coupled with extensive research usually means they are the most equipped people to properly handle a broken cell phone. The technicians at Computers R Us use only original parts if replacement is necessary and can guarantee proper function of any replacement piece.

The riskiest part of this myth is the coinciding belief that the phone damages can be fixed by anyone at home after a little bit of research and attention to detail. This overconfidence can result in completely ruining a phone. Why risk such a valuable possession? Leave it to the professionals for a proper repair. If you need more reasons as to why you shouldn’t attempt to repair your own phone, look no further.

Your One-Stop Shop For Cell Phone Servicing

For phone issues ranging from unusual battery drainage, to screen cracks, to water damage, to internal malfunctions, Computers R Us has experience servicing them all. Technicians here understand how valuable your smart phone is and will do everything in their ability to return it to you quickly and as good as new.

If you’re located in Canton, Marietta, Woodstock, or the general Kennesaw area and experience that heart-stopping moment when your phone slips out of your hand and onto the hard floor, you don’t need to worry. Computers R Us is here to help. For more information on cell phone repair, check out Computers R Us’ services.